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She acts and dresses wacko to show people that we are all different and we need to accept that!

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Why does lady gaga want to be so crazy?

because she wants to be crazy

Why you so crazy?

Cuz I was born this way -Lady Gaga

Why does Lady Gaga prefer gaga?

Lady Gaga got her name "Gaga" from a song by Queen called "Radio Gaga" and she does not really know how it became "Lady Gaga". So she prefers Gaga because it was the original. Also because shes wild and fun and gaga means crazy so naturaly she chose it.

Lady gaga is crazy is she or not?

She is NOT! She is AMAZING!

Why do boys act so crazy?

cuz they were born this way -LADY GAGA

Why does Lady Gaga have crazy clothes?

shes a theatrical person;; lady gaga is her character . its all for acting.

Why did Lady Gaga change her name?

Lady Gaga is her stage name taken from the Queen song "Radio Gaga".Lady gaga changed her name, because lady gaga is her stage name. When she was little she liked being a lady, and then gaga was another word for crazy. So that is how she got her name.because she is a weird child and felt like it :)

What is important about Lady Gaga?

A crazy sense of style!

Why does lady gaga where crazy clothes?

Because, to her, they're not crazy clothes. They're being who she is.

Is Lady Gaga a friend of the devil?

This is a crazy question...yes

Is Katy Perry beter than Lady Gaga?

no lady gaga is better then Katy perry lady gaga may be crazy but that what make he great singer no one can better then lady gaga except mj n beyonce but that's just my opinion

Who is more famous Lady Gaga or Bon Jovi?

Um... I think Probably Lady Gaga because of her famous songs and crazy outfits

What is Lady Gaga best known for?

fashion lady gaga is not known for fashion! well she is but to put it in more detail ..... "lady gaga is known for her crazy mixed-up outfits and her single POKER FACE

Has Lady Gaga gone to crazy on her fashion?

i hate lady gaga shes every crazy or what see im a muslim and i see her what she did she put her self beside the meccaa and people are really praying what happened and she kisses in the lips thats bad ok and i hate you lady gaga if lady gaga saw these message i never care but im saying the truth

Did Lady Gaga have her baby?

No lady gaga has to children what so ever

Why is Lady Gaga crazy?

She is not! She is just SUPER creative! She thinks of crazy things to become more famous!

Why do people like Lady Gaga she is very tacky?

I love Lady Gaga! She is very talented and is very beautiful without all the crazy things. But this is my opinion.

What do you wear to a Lady Gaga concert?

Anything you want, perhaps something crazy!

Why Lady Gaga is too crazy?

she just always in a really happy mood

Is Lady Gaga tall?

Lady Gaga is 6'5" so yes, she is very tall!

Do people think that Lady Gaga is crazy?

Yes, because she is crazy. Look at her outrageous outfits if you want evidence.

Is Lady Gaga hot?

lady gaga is so so so so so hot It is all a matter of opinion I think she is sexy.

Why does Lady Gaga wear those crazy outfits?

Lady Gaga wears those outfits because she said she wants to be unique and stand out. Make people remember for what she did. :)

Are there any Lady Gaga jokes if so what are they?

What does lady gaga get when she's ill? Fever What's lady gaga favourite food? Dirty ice cream What does lady gaga say when she's confused? Eh eh What's lady gaga scared of? Monster What happens to lady gaga when she is happy? Speechless

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