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She didn't understand the hardships of being on a full time t.v. show. she wanted to have enough time to raise her kids. The above answer is the reason that Sasha Alexander (agent Kate Todd) left the show. Lauren Holly has already worked on several series so she certainly knew the hardships of being on a series. Most people will remember Lauren from her role as Deputy Maxine Strewart of Picektt Fences. The real reason Lauren left NCIS has never eally been published. Series insiders only said it had been planned for some time. It has been suggested that it was not Lauren Holly's decision to leave NCIS, hence why she never did any publicity afterwards about NCIS

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What has Lauren holly been in since leaving ncis?

Lauren Holly was an actress on NCIS from 2005-2012. Since then, she has been on television shows such as Lost Girl, Do No Harm, and Motive. She was also in the 2013 film Abducted.

Did Lauren holley wear a wig on NCIS?

Lauren Holly did not wear a wig on NCIS.

Who is jenny on NCIS?

the actress is Lauren holly

Who played Jenny Shepherd on NCIS?

Lauren Holly

Who played director sheppard on ncis?

Lauren Holly

Who played Jenny shepherd of NCIS?

Lauren Holly

Who played the female director of NCIS?

Lauren Holly

Which actress plays Director Shepherd in NCIS?

Lauren Holly

How long was Lauren holly on NCIS?

season 3 4 and 5

What actress played Jenny on NCIS?

Jenny Shepard is played by Lauren Holly.

Is Lauren Holly returning to NCIS next season?

Lauren Holly and her character (Jenny Shepherd) left NCIS at the end of season 4. Jenny died, so it would be very unlikely that she would come back again

Did Lauren holly leave NCIS due to a personal illness?

No, her character Jenny was ill, but Lauren wanted to do other roles.

Who are the NCIS directors of the tv show NCIS?

currently(season 8), Vance(rocky carroll), previously Jenny shepard(Lauren holly)

What is Lauren Holly doing now after NCIS?

Shooting films and shows, raising her family and living her life

Was Lauren holly killed off on NCIS?

Yes she was on Season 5 Episode 18 (Judgement Day)

What are the names of the actors who have played the directors in NCIS?

Director Shepard: Lauren Holly Director Vance: Rocky Carroll

What character did Lauren holly play?

She played the Director of NCIS from season 3 through to the end of season 5

Was Lauren holly in the movie Titanic?

No. Lauren Holly was not in Titanic.

What is the birth name of Lauren Holly?

Lauren Holly's birth name is Holly, Lauren Michael.

Is Lauren holly a scientologist?

There is no information whether Lauren Holly is a Scientologist or not

Who is actress with red hair on NCIS Los Angeles?

Lauren Holly. She plays NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. She is around from seasons 3-5. Her character is killed at the end of the fifth season.

When was Lauren Holly born?

Lauren Holly was born on October 28, 1963.

Is Rocky Carroll leaving NCIS?

No. Rocky Carroll is not leaving NCIS.

Was loren holly in a recent ncis story?

No. Lauren Holly played the role of the Director of NCIS in the NCIS Seasons 3, 4 and 5. She is killed in the season finale of Season 5 titled "Judgement Day". She dies while trying to save her team member and former love interest Jethro Gibbs. After Season 5, she hasn't appeared in any of the later NCIS episodes.

Is Lauren holly related to buddy holly?

No she's not