Why is Malawi poor?

The government of Malawi has an interest in keeping the general population to a certain percentage under the poverty line. Hereby receiving by international right and living of donations from the international community.
The government makes it its duty to receive and dispatch the donations, whereby grand schemes of coruption are of daily order, enriching them self and their direct families and friends (only). …corruption has played a major part no doubt, but at the same time Malawi is also not blessed with large amounts of Natural resources such as neighbouring Zambia and Zimbabwe it's also landlocked, it's heavily dependent on agriculture (Maize/corn for food and Tobacco, sugar and Tea for exports), so low rainfall and droughts also effect the country. But massive corruption at every level from top to bottom still takes No.1 spot for why its still and will probably remain one of the poorest countries in the world for the foreseeable future.