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Why is Mars called the Martian Planet?

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Because they found water on it so there may be life forms on it.

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What is a Martian sunset?

A Martian sunset is a sunset on the planet Mars.

What Martian invaders are called?

"Little Green Men" , Martians , "Commies from Mars" because it's the Red planet ,

What is the proper noun of Martian?

Martian : a hypothetical resident or native of Mars, or the proper adjective applying to the planet.

What does Martian mean?

The word Martian in simplest terms means "of or relating to the planet Mars" but may also be applied to any fictional people living on or originating from Mars.

What is a martian volcano?

The term Martian refers to something of or from the planet Mars, so a Martian volcano would be a volcano on Mars. The most well-known example is Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system.

Where is the planet Mars located in the solar system?

Martian orbit is one further from the sun than that of Earth Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is commonly referred to as the Red Planet.

Why is called the red planet?

Mars is called the red planet because it looks red when viewed through a telescope or when observed in a dark sky unpolluted by modern lighting. The reddish hue comes from oxides of iron which seem plentiful in the Martian soil, and in the Martian atmosphere (pictures taken on the surface of Mars show that the sky also has a pink tint).

Which planet is called the red planet?

Mars is.Mars

What is the difference between an alien and a martian?

An alien can be from any planet in the universe. A Martian is an alien that comes from Mars. All Martians are aliens but the opposite is NOT true.

How old are you on planet mars im 20?

In Martian years, you would be about 10 and 3/4.

What does martien in french mean in English?

Un martien is a Martian (inhabitant of the planet Mars) in English

What planet is called the''red planet''?

Mars is the "red planet".

What is martian matter?

Martian Matter is the substance found on the planet Mars. Martian Matter is the type of substance yet to be discovered so this question is very difficult to answer at the moment (Not a very good question)

How do you speak martian?

If in astronomical terms, a language from the planet Mars, then there is no such language. However, then is a "martian language" that is used in Chinese cyberspace. See link for more information.

Which planet is called red planet?


Which planet is called the orange planet?


Which planet is called fossil planet?


What planet is called the ''red planet?

Mars is a red planet but not sure if they call Mars the "red planet".

What are Martian caves on Mars?

It is on the bottom of Mars.

What is the length of 1 year on the planet mars?

One martian year is roughly 687 earth days long.

What are some different way to write hypothesis statements?

It is my hypothesis that you are a Martian. I would like to examine the idea that you are a Martian. Possibly you come from the planet Mars. We suspect that you are not from around these parts.

What are the Mars Pathfinder Rovers?

Mars Pathfinder Rovers are cost efficient robotic rover that was designed to navigate and collect data from the planet Mars. The rovers are designed to withstand the Martian environment.

What are Mars' rotation periods?

The planet Mars rotates once in 24.72 hours. Scientists managing the Mars rover probes call one Martian day one "sol".

How a man can be a martian?

firstly you should know about it that what is a martian...actually a martian is that person which live on mars....a man can be a martian as i am a you all know science is so vast and is now at high lebel of technology.many of mars rovers are gong to mars by NASA..which take the names and pics of the persons on mars and make them a martian and add them in the name of the result of which they indicate a certificate too to the person which have ability to be a martian.

Which planet has two moons?

The planet with two moons is Mars. The moons are called Phobos and Deimos.