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Easy, this is the traditional noble and royal style- also she is called Queen Of Scots to avoid confusion in the historical files with two (Three if George 5Ths consort is Counted) Queen Maries! There was Mary Tudor, (died l558) Mary II (who co-ruled with King William, died l694) and the unnumbered , but if you want to get technical about it Mary III consort of George V. Tradition! It is also a Noble tradition that when officers of the armed forces are knighted(enobled) The title goes like this, first the service rank, then the nobiliary rank, then the personal name- Okay a famliar one: Captain Sir Thomas Lipton! _ if one wanted to extend this rule somewhat to those Campaigners of the bedroom, well, (and she WA damed a few years back we would have well Madame Secretary of Defence(British spelling) Dame Elizabeth Taylor- If Gabor was enobled it would be (wow) Admiral (of the bed room -six stripes)Dame Zsa Zsa Gabor! Kidding aside. first the service rank, then the nobiliary rank, it does sound a bit funny as all officers are addressed as (Sir!) anyhow. The Church follows a similar custom such as Francis Cardinal Spellman, rather than Having the rank title first, Oh well it"s a tradition. Grammar differs in Latin and English and that may also play a role. H"mm MMe Secretary of Defence DAME Elizabeth Taylor- Eight campaign stripes, dontcha know!

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Did Mary queen of Scots like dancing?

no. get out.

Did Mary queen of Scots like the pope?

Mary, Queen of Scots, was catholic and considered herself a loyal subject of the Pope, whether she like him as a person is not recorded.

What was Mary queen of Scots life like in Scotland?

Mary queen of Scots life was tiring cool and freal without her family but it changed when she moved to France.

Why was Mary Queen of Scots a threat?

Mary Scots was threat because she did't like queen Elizabeth ,so she thought of a plan to kill Elizabeth.But in the end her plan did't work.

Did Mary Queen of Scots like Queen Elizabeth?

Personally, she probably didn't know, since they never met. But politically, no.

Was the Red Queen from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland supposed to be like Bloody Mary?

It is possible that in Tim Burton's version, the Red Queen might be a reference to (Bloody) Mary I and the White Queen to Elizabeth I. But it is also possible that the Red Queen might represent Elizabeth I and the White Queen, Mary Queen of Scots.

What did Mary queen of Scots look like?

She had Ginger Hair, Brown eyes, tall and was very pretty in her young age.

Why does Mary hate protestants?

I'm catholic and so Mary Saint Mary? where did you hear that at that is not true ~ I think that they mean Queen Mary of Scots. I don't know why but her sister Queen Elizabeth 1 didn't like Catholics but Mary was Catholic. She may have done so to spite her sister.

Did Mary Queen of Scots deserve to die true or false?

no because she made Rachel Stewart eat poo and drink pee i don't like her

Why did Scotland not like Mary queen of Scots?

There were several reasons why many in Scotland did not like Mary, Queen of Scots. The first was because she was a female. In that day in age many people thought that a female ruler was not as good as a male ruler. The second was because she was brought up in France and although she was Scottish she was looked at as a foreigner. The third was because she was Roman Catholic leading a country that was Protestant.

What was the relationship like between Henry VIII and Margaret Tudor?

Margaret Tudor was Queen of Scots and she was his sister.

Did Queen Mary I have a nickname?

Yes, she is the (Bloody Mary!) of lore. this term has often been taken out of context, and sometimes extended to Mary, Queen of Scots ( in that case her own blood- as she was beheaded) and the phrase is recklessly tossed around -like (Suffering Cats!) in England it is a mild curse-word.

What was the death penalty for the poor in SHakespeare's time?

In England, virtually anyone sentenced to death was hanged. Only royals (like Mary Queen of Scots) were beheaded.

Was Mary Queen of Scots innocent?

Of what? There are many things that could be being asked by simply saying ''Was Mary, Queen of Scots innocent?''. If you are referring to her second husband's murder then, yes, she was innocent. Well ... it is highly debated and the majority of people believe she was the culprit, however, I frankly think otherwise. Was she innocent of being a witch? Yes, because there are no such thing as witches. Was she innocent of having an affair with James Hepburn, Lord Bothwell while she was married to Henry, Lord Darnley? Well ... no, but do not think unkindly of her as many married people cheat. If none of these are what you meant, then you at least got an education on Mary, Queen of Scots. Oh, and I have just noticed that I must sound rather like a fan of Mary, Queen of Scots in the small piece above. Now you ask "Are you a fan of Mary, Queen of Scots?". Yes I am. I am hugely obsessed with her and have many information pages that I wrote about her. I am not into Mary I of England although some people are intent on saying they are the same person. But guess what, they are NOT!

Why would someone dedicate something to queen bloody Mary?

Mary I was the next-to-last Tudor Queen ( Elizabeth ended the Tudor line) and like her half-sister was a daughter of Henry VIII ( different mother, though) She was also the last Catholic Queen of England. (Bloody) Mary only reigned for five years- from l553-l558 so she died young, also, of some form of cancer- in a Church service. Mary I was a devout Roman Catholic- as was Mary, Queen of Scots- tragically executed in l587 and almost- though there were few (survival) scares- the Anastasia type of her day. Both Anastasia and Mary, Queen of Scots, had beautiful Red Hair.

What famous people lived in Tudor times?

People like Henry VII, Mary Queen of Scots, Shane O'Neill, Henry VIII, Bloody Mary, Elizabeth I, and Edward VI. Hope that helped! :)

What nationality was the mother of Mary Queen of Scots?

French. her name was Marie De Guise or Mary of Guise , it is pronounced (Geeze) as in Geezer, not Guise like in Disguise), Mary of Guise died young and for some reason Queen Mary ( of Scots) was not permitted to attend her funeral. Mary often expressed a wish for a (French Burial) presumably iln France or adhering to French mortuary customs and costumes. this did not happen, as we know, the events of l587 taking Mary"s life in Fotheringhay. ( execution site)/.

Why did John Knox and Mary Queen of Scots not like each other?

they did not like each other because john knoxs did not like people who got sent to jail or anything like that and espesially not the quenee of scotlsaand

What was the relationship between elizebeth 1 and Mary queen of Scots?

They didn't really like each other....... i don't think..... DON'T QUOTE ME ON THAT THOUGH! I'M NOT SURE!

Would Mary queen of Scots agree with burning people at stake like bloody Mary?

No Mary Queen of Scots would not agree with her elder cousin,Mary I of England, about burning people at the stake.One reason is she was not really into killing people and let several people have a jail sentence than execution when everyone else present in the court wanted the execution to take place.The second reason is that Mary I of England was burning so many people because they were Protestant and she was a Catholic.Mary Queen of Scots,when she returned to Scotland after being there since she was a child and becoming the Queen of France,told the people,who had changed religion while she was away,that she had no intension on changing to Protestantism but she would not force everyone else to change to Catholic either.

Did Mary queen of Scots write a note before she died?

I believe you are referring to the so-called Casket Letters- there were two- the name does not refer to a burial vessel- but something akin to a letter box- but of a boxy, coffin-like shape. There were two letters- and they were written, it is believed in French- they may still exist, were not buried with Her Majesty. See the excellent book (Mary Queen of Scots- by Antonia Fraser) this honors the facts and dispells some intriguing myths and legends about the hapless Queen.

Why did elizabeth not want to kill mary?

Assuming you mean Mary, Queen of Scots, and not Mary Tudor (Elizabeth's half-sister), Elizabeth was reluctant to have Mary QS executed largely because, like Elizabeth, she was an anointed queen, and related to Elizabeth. She, Mary, was offered forgiveness and life, but she continued to be a part of several plots to assassinate Elizabeth. Ultimately Elizabeth had no choice and after many years and much vacillation she signed Mary's death warrant.

Did Queen Elizabeth I have enemies?

yes she did. she had enemies close to her like her half sister Answer from another person: and.... when she became queen after her half-sister died (in 1558) many people of the court had plots to assasinate her, such as: her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots (who was later executed for her role in the plots to assasinate her cousin, reigning queen: Elizabeth of England! [And that my friend, is how you answer a question correctly!]

Why did elisabeth not like Mary queen of Scots?

They never met, but as Mary was the first cousin once removed of Elizabeth, she posed a threat to Elizabeth's right to the English throne. Mary was also Catholic while Elizabeth was the leader of the Protestant Church of England. Of course there was no problem when Elizabeth died, Mary was already dead but her son was offered the throne as he was Protestant.

Was there a movie about Mary queen of Scots?

There have been several, Mary of Scotland, circa l935 with Katharine Hepburn in the title role. Mary, Queen of Scots, based on the Antonia Frazer book and a brief wave of Tudor-times revival circa l969-70"s (maybe set off by a National Geographic block-buster article on Elizabeth I) and arguably others in Foreign Countries . Drawback is pre-destined tragedy angle, no possible outs like She of All The Russias. Of course the same dramatic drawback applied to Marie Antoinette, Heads Up!

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