Mary I of Scotland

Why is Mary Queen of Scots styled like that?



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Easy, this is the traditional noble and royal style- also she is called Queen Of Scots to avoid confusion in the historical files with two (Three if George 5Ths consort is Counted) Queen Maries! There was Mary Tudor, (died l558) Mary II (who co-ruled with King William, died l694) and the unnumbered , but if you want to get technical about it Mary III consort of George V. Tradition! It is also a Noble tradition that when officers of the armed forces are knighted(enobled) The title goes like this, first the service rank, then the nobiliary rank, then the personal name- Okay a famliar one: Captain Sir Thomas Lipton! _ if one wanted to extend this rule somewhat to those Campaigners of the bedroom, well, (and she WA damed a few years back we would have well Madame Secretary of Defence(British spelling) Dame Elizabeth Taylor- If Gabor was enobled it would be (wow) Admiral (of the bed room -six stripes)Dame Zsa Zsa Gabor! Kidding aside. first the service rank, then the nobiliary rank, it does sound a bit funny as all officers are addressed as (Sir!) anyhow. The Church follows a similar custom such as Francis Cardinal Spellman, rather than Having the rank title first, Oh well it"s a tradition. Grammar differs in Latin and English and that may also play a role. H"mm MMe Secretary of Defence DAME Elizabeth Taylor- Eight campaign stripes, dontcha know!