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Why is Mexico the only spanish speaking country in north America?


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Mexico is not the only spanish speaking country in nrth america, ther also is El Salvador, Equador, and more

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the Spanish speaking country only in north America is i think Mexico.

Yes, Mexico is a Spanish speaking country.

Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world. Colombia is the most populous Spanish-speaking country in South America.

In the North American continent, the country of Mexico is the only Spanish speaking country. South America on the other hand, is filled with Spanish speaking countries.

Mexico is the only Spanish-speaking country in North America proper. If Central America is included, Mexico still has the largest number of speakers with more than 100 million.

== == The largest spanish speaking country Mexico -- mexico

No. It is a Spanish-speaking city in Mexico.

A Spanish-speaking country that starts with "M" is Mexico.

Mexico is the largest Spanish speaking country.

Spanish-speaking country which borders or is near the USA.

Mexico With 103 million inhabitants,mexico is the most populous spanish-speaking country in the world

All of Mexico is Spanish speaking. Mexico is a country and does not contain any other nations within it's boundaries.

Mexico is Spanish speaking country that celebrate Halloween

Mexico (or in Spanish- México)

Latin America includes Mexico, Central America, and South America. By population the answer would be Mexico, while by size the answer would be Argentina.

If you're asking what country has the largest Spanish-speaking population, it's Mexico.

Mexico is the spanish speaking country furthest away from new zealand

Guatemala is directly south of Mexico and they speak Spanish there.

No. Spain (from which Spanish was born) holds such distinction.

Mexico, is the only one directly south of the United States, but the majority of South America and Central America countries excluding Brazil, as well as several Caribbean nations are Spanish-speaking nations.

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California all share a border with Mexico, the only Spanish-speaking country that borders the US.

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