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Why is Monticello on the back of a nickel?


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2010-12-27 03:32:53
2010-12-27 03:32:53

Because it was Jefferson's Estate and an important example of early American architecture.


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The building on the back of the nickel is Monticello, which was the home of Thomas Jefferson (who is on the other side of the nickel).

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The symbol on the back of a nickel is Monticello. Monticello is the home President Thomas Jefferson, who is depicted on the front of the coin.

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The "house" on the back of a Jefferson nickel is Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate.

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Thomas Jefferson is on the front of the nickel; his home Monticello is on the back.

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The nickel has Thomas Jefferson on it. The side has a picture of his home, Monticello.

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