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Why is Moses Austin important to Texas?


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1. He had the 1st grant to settle 300 families in Texas.

2. He was the father of Stephen F. Austin.

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He is important because he is the son of Moses Austin

moses Austin came to Texas to reclaim his fortune he lost in depression

Moses Austin began his 800 mi journey to Texas in 1820.

Moses Austin had the first grant to settle 300 families in Texas!(:

to become and emprisario

Moses Austin originally came to Texas to reclaim his fortune that he lost in the depression. after many years of pesuading, he died, and Stephen F. Austin took over

Texas pioneer Moses Austin (1761-1921) was the father of Republic of Texas founder Stephen F. Austin. Moses Austin was born October 4, 1761. He died at the age of 59. The year 2016 marked the 255th anniversary of his birth.

Spain did not give Moses Austin permission to start a colony in Texas. It simply gave him 4,428 acres in 1821.

Stephen F. Austin is famous because of his dad Moses Austin. He is the Father Of Texas.

I believe the first filibuster to arrive in Texas was Moses Austin.

because the Moses and Steve Austin made Texas

He wanted to start a colony....I think.

The original person who settled Texas was Moses Austin. After he died, his son, Stephen Austin took over and settled Texas to its statelyhood.

Moses Austin is famous because he was the founder of the lead industry in the United States. He was also the father of one of the leading settlers of Texas.

Stephen Austin and his father Moses Austin. Moses died before he could establish it so his son finished it for him

Moses Austin was involved with a bank , a dry goods store and a lead mine .

Stephen Austin got to Mexico by entering Texas in 1821 when Texas was part of Mexico. I assume he got there on horseback.

Austin is important because of you. Austin, TX, is important since it is the capital and most liberal city in Texas.

From Antonio Maria Martinez, the Governor of Spanish Texas.

He was allowed to bring 300,000 people to colonize, but Stephen Austin had to. Moses had died. He gave the people 400,000 acres of land.

To fulfill his dream; to establish a colony in Texas.

he was the son of moses Austin who formerly tried to go to Texas but failed Stephen followed his foot steps and led the old 300 to Texas

The Austin Capital of Texas is an important place because that is where all of the legislature's and the governor make the Texas laws and rules.

Moses Austin made a deal with the Spanish Governor that if they converted to the Catholic religion and were law-abiding citizens they could settle Texas. When Moses Austin dies his son Stephen F. Austin will carry out his father's dying wish to settle Texas. Austin then brings in 300 families, which will later be called "The Old Three Hundred." Since Stephen F. Austin is the first to settle Texas he is given the name, "The Father of Texas."

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