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Because we all are going into a new year. I don't know.

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Q: Why is New Year's celebrated?
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How is Chinese New Years celebrated?

its celebrated bye choclate

How is new years celebrated in Paris?

by kissing

Why is New Years Eve celebrated?

Its a time when everyone can get together an have fun and wait for New Years

What is the most celebrated holiday?

The most celebrated holiday would probably be New Years.

When is New Years Eve Celebrated?

December 31st

When was New Year first celebrated?

4,000 years ago Babylon celebrated New Years with 11 days of celebration and it took place on the first day of Spring.

When is Chinese new year celebrated?

There are different dates that Chinese new year is celebrated.At the new yearschines new year is now jan. 29.

How many years has Chinese New Year been celebrated?

thosands of years

How was New Year's Eve celebrated in the past?

new years eve is celebrated by having parties or getting together with your friends and family

In what countries is New Year's Eve celebrated?

Well, New Years Eve is celebrated by many different people, so EVERY WHERE!

Where in the world is new years celebrated first?

By the ancient Sumerians.

When is Chinese New Years Celebrated?

i dont know you tell me

What are commonly celebrated festivals in china?

new years eve

What holiday is celebrated on December 31st?

New years eve!

How many day are new years celebrated for?

2 days

When is little Christmas celebrated in the US?

New Years Day

What day is new years celebrated in Guatemala?

janurary 1st

Which holiday is celebrated most?

The holidays which are celebrated in the whole world like Christmas Day and New Years Day

How long has New Zealand celebrated the Queens Birthday?

3245 years

When is the chines new years celebrated?

Late january or early febuary

What do they call new years in Italy?

La Festa di San Silvestro (New Years) is celebrated December 31 on New Year's Eve.

Who first celebrated?

As far as the first religious holiday that was celebrated, the most supported holiday is the Jewish Passover. However, the oldest holiday that was celebrated is New Years which is a celebration that begun around 4,000 years ago, celebrated by the ancient Babylonians.

When is new years celebrated?

New Year's Eve is December 31 and New Year's Day is January 1.

When was Mardi Gras first celebrated?

It was celebrated in New Orleans first.Addition:Actually it was celebrated in Mobile, Alabama first in 1703, a full 20 years before New Orleans started celebrating.

When was new years first celebrated?

New Years was first celebrated in Rome in 153 B.C. It was the beginning of the month that two newly elected roman consuls, highest officials, began their one year tenure.