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In Norway
Norway has the second lowest unemployment rate in Europe. There is also a lot of oil off of Norway's coast.
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Was Muhammad wealthy?

Answer . Prophet Mohammad was born in a respected and wealth family of Mecca. He was married to a rich and reputed business lady named Khadija when he was 25 years old. He used to take care of her business after marriage until he was given the Prophethood at the age of 40.

Where is Norway?

Norway is in northern Europe, in the Scandinavian Penisula. It has borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia. It is the western and northern part of the Scandinavian Penisula. The Norwegian Sea, The Barents Sea, and The North sea all make up its borders.

How wealthy is Japan?

Its Gross Domestic Product is $4.5 trillion dollars (according to the Economist). It is the second wealthiest nation in the world.

How wealthy was Hitler?

He was without almost any wealth. He grew up in Osterreich with his parents Klara and father Alois, who was formerly a clerck at the customs.. After his 'cu de ta' at Odeonsplatz 1923 he served a 5 year inprisonment at the Landsberg prison (which he only served for about 1 year),. Between 1925 and ( Full Answer )

Was Stalin wealthy?

No, Stalin was not wealthy, but he did not have to be, because all of the resources of the Soviet Union were available to him for his living conditions. Stalin did not need to accumulate wealth and he didn't. He was paid on salary like every other person who worked for the government. At the time of ( Full Answer )

Why is Norway called Norway?

Norway means "way to the north." Norway is north, so it makes sense why that is the meaning. i am very glad to help answer your question! True, about a thousand years ago it was called "Norðrvegr" meaning what the above answer says. Over time the name changed to "Norge".

Is Romania wealthy?

Romania used to be a wealthy European state before the 2nd World War. Situated in SE Europe, Romania is a developing country and a place of interest for many foreigners. In 2007, Romania was accepted as a full EU member state. Romania has made steady economic progress in the past 20 years, after ( Full Answer )

Is Greece wealthy?

yes, but... Well it is somewhat wealthy. Its not rich like its Northern European counterparts, however is viewed by the IMF as a Advanced Economy. Greece would slot within the 25-30 position of wealthiest counties. To use a suburban analogy, Greece would be considered middle class.

What is there in Norway?

Fjords, mountains, (a lot of) trees, farms, long coast-line, fish (salmon), snow, skiing, glaciers, moose (american) = elk (european). Aha, Petter Solberg, Madcon, Marion Ravn, Dennis Storhoi (+++) are some Norwegian celebrities... Moods of Norway...

How can you get to Norway?

From where? From America you can fly from Newark with Continental or from Philadelphia with US Airways or any other airline with a stop over in a European city. From the UK you can take a ferry, plane, bus, train or just go by car. Same with mostly other European citys. From other countries ( Full Answer )

Is Canada wealthy?

Yes, actually it has a slightly higher GDP per capita than the U.S. has. Canada is one of the higher up countries in wealth in the world.

How do you be independently wealthy?

To become independently wealthy one must first have the wealthy mindset and commit to becoming wealthy. To become rich one must study the rich. This is CRUCIAL to foundation of becoming wealthy. Next, one must learn how to manage the current money they have before they can handle more.

What does Norway do?

Norway is ranked #1 in the world on the Human Development Index. The country is the world's largest producer of oil and natural gas per capita outside of the Middle East. And they are also one of the founding members of the United Nations and one of it's largest financial contributors.

How wealthy is Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia no longer exists. Between 1991 and 2006 it split up into many different countries. The following very roughly describes how wealthy the countries now are:\n. \nSlovenia - part of the EU, very wealthy with incomes like in Spain, Italy and western Europe\nCroatia - a wealthy country with ( Full Answer )

Is Europe Wealthy?

The European Union is the largest economy in the world with a GDP of $18,500,000,000,000 (America's is about $14 000 000 000 000). so is Europe wealthy? of course it is, and it will only get richer as countries like Poland and Romania become more productive.

How wealthy is Russia?

In general Russia is poor compared to U.S, Germany, Japan and other major countries but Moscow is the city with most billionaires in the world, that means that there's 1% group who has 80% of russia's wealth, this group of rich oil, steel, and gas magnates are thiefs, they just took the resources of ( Full Answer )

When was Norway named Norway?

The first time Norway is mentioned with a name in historical sources, it was still an undefined area. When the chieftain and explorer Ottar met the king of England in the 9th century, his story of the homeland was written down. He calls it Norðvegr, which is directly translated to "north way", no ( Full Answer )

How wealthy is Norway in comparison to other countries?

GDP (gross domestic product) is the most common metric for measuring the wealth of a country. It is basically the sum of all money spent by everyone during a year (whether individuals, companies or government) minus imports (paid here but produced elsewhere) plus exports (produced here but paid else ( Full Answer )

Was Sacagawea wealthy?

well sacajewea was a native America and they did not care much about money but how to survive.

Were the pilgrims wealthy?

When the pilgrims came to America, they were considered to bewealthy in England. Once in the America's they began farming andwere among the poor.

What can you do in Norway?

You can do everything in Norway, You have almost all the opportunities available! Except walking in a dessert or climb a volcano. We do actually have a active volcano in Norway.

Why is the UK wealthy?

Although the UK is one of the G8, it isn't particularly wealthy any more. Britain's wealth started with the Industrial Revolution, when Britain was the main manufacturing country in the world due to its vast natural resources of coal and iron. This was supplemented in the 19th century with wealth br ( Full Answer )

How were the Haida 'wealthy'?

A lot of haida people where I live just recently got hundreds of thousands of dollars each for something (I honestly forgot), but most will probably just blow it on crap. Most of the haida people I know on the reserve tend to be pretty poor. Too many of them waste their money on drugs like cocaine a ( Full Answer )

How wealthy is Tokyo?

GDP of Tokyo is raked as highest in the world. The second is NYC. Although NYC has the largest stock exchange market, Tokyo has the 3rd largest. In the end of 80s, Tokyo's land prices were equivilant to the whole USA. In Ginza district, approximately $120,000 USD per square foot. Yucho bank, the ( Full Answer )

How wealthy is Slovenia?

We are actually quite wealthy... GDP (PPP). 2008 estimate. -. Total. $59.413 billion [2] (82nd). -. Per capita. $29,520 [2] (30th). GDP (nominal). 2008 estimate. -. Total. $54.639 billion [2] (69th). -. Per capita. $27,148 [2] (31st). Gini (2007). 28.4 (low). HDI (2007 ( Full Answer )

How was Hades wealthy?

Hades is the God of the dead, the Underworld, and riches. Hades' Roman name is Pluto, meaning 'wealth' or 'Rich One'. He is the God of wealth and riches because the Underworld is believed to be under the ground. Under the ground is also where many of the earth's riches; gems, gold, silver, ore etc ( Full Answer )

Is Tunisia wealthy?

No, Tunisia isn't wealthy. The GDP per capita of Tunisia is 3979.42US dollars in 2013.

Is Nigeria wealthy?

Nigeria is seen as a 'Developing' Country. It is one of the Wealthiest Countries in Africa.

Is Holland wealthy?

Yes, I think Holland might be wealthy for that part of our world. The people that I have met seem to be well off in their clothing, style and education. Like all places, there will always be poor people if for nothing more than they have made this choice. What is Wealthy, depends on who you talk to ( Full Answer )

What do wealthy people do?

They spend money and act like one of those rich spazez from movies and talk in a British actsent

Will you become wealthy?

Yes just "dont stop believing" and keep on dreaming and just maybe just maybe your dreams will become true guys this is Martyyyzzboii peace and also if you have an incredibly good paying job

Is Iraq wealthy?

Basically yes, it has many natural resources and is a fertile area. Given political stability Iraq will become a great place to be a citizen of. Remember Iraq has a glorious history in which its ancient peoples were the most powerful and wealthy on earth - it is the land of ancient 'Mesopotamia'.

Is Beethoven wealthy?

Beethhoven is dead.....therefore he is not currently wealthy. Also, he was not wealthy when he was alive either. His music did not become famous until after he died.

How wealthy is Madonna?

Net Worth $500 Million Annual Earnings According To Forbes Magazine 2010 Earnings : $58 million 2009 Earnings : $110 million 2008 Earnings : $40 million 2007 Earnings: $72 million 2005 Earnings: $50 million

Why are you not wealthy?

you are not wealthy because you waste a lot of money in having sex with sluts.

Why is Brazil not wealthy?

Depends , in Produce is very Rich but the controls isn´t. Results developement country yet

Were the Kennedys wealthy?

Yes, the Kennedy's were a very wealthy family. One of the most speculated reasons for this is that Joseph Sr. (Father to JFK) sold bootlegged alcohol during the prohibition of the 1920s and earned much of the family's money.

How wealthy is Belgium?

Belgium was in absolute terms the fourth economic power in the world. If you take into account that the other industrial powers had a 5 to 10 times larger population, the achievement is impressive. (Heylighen) This is because Belgium is very good at production and trade, and not its availability of ( Full Answer )

What is the synonyms of wealthy?

abundance, affluence, assets, belongings, bounty, cache, capital, cash, clover, commodities, copiousness, cornucopia, dough, estate, fortune, funds, gold, goods, hoard, holdings, lap of luxury, long green, lucre, luxuriance, luxury, means, opulence, pelf, plenitude, plenty, possessions, profusion, p ( Full Answer )

Which Maasai are wealthy?

The Maasai do not accumulate money; they hold their cattle in such high regard that the cattle themselves are seen as a measure of a man's wealth. Any man who has at least 50 cattle would be seen as being wealthy.

Was Aristotle wealthy?

Yes he was. In Nicomachean Ethics, he states that wealth does not bring happiness, but this is only because he was a wealthy and that was not a factor for him to achieve. "Happiness should be the highest goal in life." Which is true, but it is easy for him to say because he was a wealthy man.

How wealthy is London?

london is one of the most wealthiest countries it has lots of places to visit that get lots of money Actually, London is NOT a country. It is a very large city & the capital of The United Kingdom.

Why is Venice wealthy?

Venice had a large empire during the renaissance which spanned across the Adriatic sea and Mediterranean. It earned lots of money from trade of materials, food, drink and other stuff between other Italian states and other countries. And all the wealth and money was diverted to Venice. That is why.

Was Socrates wealthy?

Perhaps philosophically, but he was quite poor materialistically. He had given up everything in his search for truth, even his life in the end. He was highly revered by much of Ancient Greece, however, causing riches to accumulate over time as he became more famous. He never cared for material wealt ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the wealthy?

"The wealthy" is the plural noun for "wealthy", which means having a great deal of money, resources, or assets; rich.

Why was Hatshepsut wealthy?

In terms oftrade, Hatshepsut was not blind to the need of bolstering Egypt'seconomy' and indeed, the Punt expedition is but the climax of herconsistent trading enterprises with Lebanon, Crete, Syria, WestAfrica, South Africa, Aswan and the reopening of mines in Mt.Sinai. She traded Ivory, gold, silv ( Full Answer )

What is the noun for wealthy?

The word 'wealthy' is a noun form, a word for rich peopleconsidered as a group, for example, ' tax breaks for the wealthy '. The word 'wealthy' is also the adjective form of the noun wealth .

How do you stay wealthy?

By making investments and saving. Having a brand or product helps as well. Being wealthy takes work, work and work. It doesn't just happen.

Was odoacer wealthy?

Information about the origins of Ocoacer are fragmentary and confused. It appears that he was of humble background. He became an officer in what remained of the Roman army. He was chosen by the Germanic allied soldiers stationed in Italy as the leader of their rebellion. They rebelled against a refu ( Full Answer )

Is wealthy a noun?

No, the word 'wealthy' is an adjective , a wordused to describe a noun. The word 'wealthy' is the adjective form of the noun 'wealth'.