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because the person who made up poland his sons name was polandingyand there u go
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What are facts about Poland?

There were several Poles who helped fight in the American Revolution. The Poles had the most effective resistance movement during World War II. The most effective squadron in the Battle of Britain was Polish. The Poles beat the Soviets in the Polish-Soviet War in 1919-1920 Poland is the European ( Full Answer )

Where is Poland?

Poland is a country in Central Europe. Poland is bordered by Germany to the west; the Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south; Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania to the east; and the Baltic Sea and Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian enclave, to the north. The capital and the largest city is Warsaw, which ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular last name in Poland?

Nowak, Kowalski, Wisniewski, Dabrowski, Lewandowski, Wojcik, Kaminski, Kowalczyk, Zielinski, Szymanski - these are 10 the most popular last names in Poland. Generally all names with "ski" and "ska" at the end are Polish.

What is Poland?

Poland is a country located in Europe It is bordered on all sidesby Russia, Germany, Belarus, Solvakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic,& Lithunania. It also borders the Baltic Sea. Warsaw is thecapital. Poland is a beautiful country! There is salt mines to visit whichis very fun. Poland was affected by Hi ( Full Answer )

What the country named Poland?

It comes from the word "Pole" which was given to the Slavic people living east of Germany, and its name means "Land of the Poles".

How do you get to Poland?

You just book a flight and fly there. The usual way to get to Poland is by car or train but that is assuming that you are living in Europe. Poland is west of northern Germany. I'm certain foot traffic or bicycle traffic is permitted, but your point of departure would best determine your method o ( Full Answer )

Who fought for the Poland?

The Polish fought for themselves. The UK and France entered the warbecause they made an agreement that they would not tolerate Hitlertaking Germany. However no one expected Germany to be able tototally take Poland in a month so it took a while for the UK andFrance to respond.

What is the invasion of Poland?

The invasion of Poland was Hitler's plan to regain lost territory in Poland. Germany lost its territory after losing World War 1. Hitler was slowly and peacefully gaining territory in Czechoslovakia, but he knew he would have to fight to get Poland. He also used his Soviet allies (which he later bet ( Full Answer )

Why did Poland get its name?

Name Poland is most likely derrived from 'Polans' [Polanes/Polanians - Polanie in Polish]. Polans were west slavic tribe, dated back to 8th century [that is shortly prior to establishment of Kingdom of Poland]. Name Polanie itself comes from 'pole' - 'crop fields'..

What nationalities are there in Poland?

Poland is not very diverse when it comes to nationalities. WithPoles being majority [over 99%], other nationalities include:Germans [ca. 190k], Belarusians [ca. 50k] and Ukrainians [ca. 30k].Other include Tatars, Lithuanians, Roma, Lemkas, Russians, Slovaks,Czechs and Armenians. Those are accounted ( Full Answer )

Who is the President of Poland?

Bronislaw Maria Komorowski is the President of Poland. The Prime Minister is Donald Tusk. Komorowski first became the acting president of Poland as Marshal of the Sejm, after President Lech Kaczyński died in a plane crash on 2010 April 10. He served as acting president until July 8, and was o ( Full Answer )

What are industries in Poland?

Poland grows potatoes, fruits,vegetables, and wheat. It raises poultry, eggs, pork, and dairy.Its factories make fertilizers, petrochemicals, machine tools,electrical machinery, electronics, cars and ships..

How big Poland is?

Can't you just check in any encyclopedy? It's total area is 322 575 square kilometers.

About the flag in Poland?

Poland's flag was adopted on August 1-st,1919. Desing; Two horizontal stripes of equal width,upper one white and the lower one red.. As national colors the white and red were officially assumed in 1831. Polish FLAG DAY is observed on May 2

What to do in Poland?

buy stuff man!!! In Poland everything is CHEAP!!!! I bought a large LCD tv there, and laughed my head off when I realized that they were not joking about the prize XD. you can visit the concentration camps, and see how the Germans treated people Its a nice country I think, remember to give "dr ( Full Answer )

Element named for Poland?

Polonium (Po, #84) is named for Poland. It was discovered by Marie Curie, and she was from Poland, so she got to name it. It's really radioactive.

Poland name for kids?

Girl Names. ----------------------------------. . Ada . Adela . Agata . Agnieszka . Aldona . Aleksandra . Alicja . Alina . Anastazja . Aneta . Angelika . Aniela . Anita . Anna . Antonina . Apolonia . Balbina . Barbara . Beata . Berenika . ( Full Answer )

What is the new name for Danzig Poland?

In Polish, Danzig is called Gdańsk, although the name Danzig is still often preferred in foreign languages, probably due to its pronunciation/spelling being easier for foreigners.

What is the meaning of the name Justina in Poland?

It's just a name. As in every language where it exists (English, German and French - Justine, Italian - Giustina) it comes from the Latin name Iustina (feminine of Iustinus, meaning "fair" or "just".) In Polish, the correct spelling of this name is Justyna (not Justina), pronounced "Yoosteena".

What is there to do in Poland?

There is as much to do in Poland, as there is in any other country in the world. You might need to search a bit to find the types of things you love back home, but if you ask nicely, and are willing to try new things, you will discover many exciting things to do here. Many young people in Poland spe ( Full Answer )

How Poland got its name?

The name Poland comes from the tribe of Polans (Polanie in Polish, meaning people of the fields) who built many settlements in the area, one of which later became the first capital of Poland.

Name of the Parliament of Poland?

Parliament (Parlament) is divided into two houses. The lower house is called Sejm, the upper house is called Senat.

The name of Parliament of Poland?

Poland has a bicameral parliament. The lower chamber is called SEJM which is a traditional Polish name for a parliament, and the other chamber is simply SENAT.

What's the name of the two main cities in Poland?

Warsaw and Krakow. Warsaw is a capital city and most populous city, so it is the main one in Poland, and Krakow is second most populous city and there are a lot of tourist from whole the world.

What is santas name in Poland?

Official name for Santa in Poland is Święty Mikołaj (St. Nicholas). However, in my region - Wielkopolska in Western Poland - he is called Gwiazdor. So, the rest of Poland gets presents from Św. Mikołaj twice (on Dec. 6 - mainly sweets - as it's his namesday, and on Dec. 24, as it's Xm ( Full Answer )

What where the names of Poland before its name was Poland?

The European nation Poland is an old nation that has managed to keep the same name since it's founding in the early 900's. It was known as the Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the late Renaissance and through the 16th-18th centuries until it was divided up and conquered by Austria, Russia, and Prus ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the Communist party in Poland?

The Polish Communist Party used to be called the Polish United Workers' Party. In 1989, the party was dissolved and many of its members joined socialist parties such as Social Democracy of the Republic of Poland which in turn became a constituent of the Democratic Left Alliance.

What country does the name Poland come from?

\nPoland's name (Polska) comes from Poland. It is relating to legendary people "Polanie" whose name relates to the cultivated fields (in comparison to wild forests).

What is available in Poland?

A lot of products are available in Poland. Like in Germany, France and Italy etc.

Why is Poland homogeneous?

Poland was one of Europes racially diverse societys in thebeginging of the 20th century. With the population being 69% Polishbefore WW2, with a nearly 9% size Jewish minority, however over 90%were killed in the holocaust and brutal occupation by both theGermans and Soviets. After the end of the war, ( Full Answer )

Where was Czahary in Poland?

Czahary is a small village southeast of Zbaratz. Found within the borders of the Ukraine today, on Google Maps you can see a village labled Chahari-Zbaratz'ki. North 49° 36' 34.55", East 25° 54' 50.40"

Is Poland in the water?

Poland is in eastern Europe. It has land boundaries with other countries to the west, south and east. However, to the north is the Baltic Sea.

Is Solidarity is the name of the Communist party in Poland?

No. Solidarność (Solidarity) is a Right-Wing Party in Polish Politics (which makes it roughly equivalent to the American Democrats). It was formed by Trade Unionists to oppose the Communist Party of Poland before the Iron Curtain Fell in 1989. Since that point, it has moved to Center Right ( Full Answer )

Who is Polands manager?

the Head-of-State is a President of the Republic of Poland. After the death of former president Lech Kaczynski, the post is temporary occupied by the parliament's speaker Grzegorz Schetyna. New president, Bronislaw Komorowski is already chosen as a President-elect waiting for his oath.

What are Polands specialities?

Personally, hams , vodka , beer, crystal and glass , and collectible art pottery and semi-precious stone jewelry.

What is the name of the main airport in Poland?

The biggest one is the Airport of Frederic Chopin in Warsaw. There is also one in Cracow ( Airport of John Paul II), Katowice, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Poznan, Rzeszow, Lodz, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz and Zielona Gora.

What is thelanguage of Poland?

The language of Poland is Polish. For example: Jestem z Polski - means "i'm from Poland".

What sports does Poland have?

Poland has a mixture of summer and winter sports which are played both competitively and for leisure. Some sports include track and field, table tennis, canoeing, swimming, skiing, soccer and horseback riding.

Is Poland hilly?

Most of the Northern part of the country is gently rolling plains that are hilly in spots but much more low-lying in general, similar territory to northern Germany and Denmark. It gets much hillier in the South Central and Southern parts of the country.

Is Poland at war?

Poland itself is not at war, although Polish army is known to aid the American or EU militaries in situations which require external help, for example in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Is there baklava in Poland?

Although it's not a typical Polish dish, you can easily get it in most of the kebab shops.

Is Poland beautiful?

This is a subjective question. But yes, a lot of people considerPoland a beautiful country.

Who conquered Poland?

first answer: nazis second more correct answer: Nazi Germany began the invasion of Poland on 1 Sept. 1939, however the Soviet Union joined Germany in the invasion on 17 Sept. 1939. A conquered Poland was divided between the two invaders. Then at the end of the war, when Germany was defeated, Polan ( Full Answer )