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Pompeii is famous for tourism because of the uniqueness of the site. Pompeii, an ancient city, was beset by tragedy when the nearby Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted and covered the city and its people in hot volcanic ash. The ash preserved everything it buried, and when the city was found, the inhabitants were also discovered in perfect condition. Homes and furniture were also perfectly preserved. In fact, several homes still had food that was preserved enough for excavators to identify what the food was. The site allows us to take a perfect look at what life was like for people in ancient times.

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Pompeii is a famous Roman ruin covered by lava and ash.

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Why is Pompeii a famous tourists attraction?

Pompeii is a good tourist attraction because people want to see what is left of Pompeii from the eruption of mt Vesuvius.

Did they rebuild pompeii?

no, they left it the way they found it(in ruins)as a tourist attraction

How was Pompeii preserved underground?

it is preserved by archaeologists. today pompeii is a tourist attraction site and it is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site

What sort of city is Pompeii?

Pompeii was an average Roman town before the eruption. today it is a tourist attraction -- an open air museum.

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Does anyone still live in pompeii?

Yes, Pompeii today is a major tourist attraction. In addition to the many tourists, archaeological work is still being conducted.

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Info on poompeii?

Pompeii was an ancient city in Italy. It was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. It is now a very popular tourist attraction.

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Is Pompeii still active?

Pompeii is the partially buried Roman town that was famously devastated by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Pompeii is a tourist attraction so is "active". Mt. Vesuvius is also still volcanically active and last erupted in 1944.

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