Why is Poseidon called Poseidon?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Poseidon could be called such for a possible meaning of his name "husband of Earth".

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Q: Why is Poseidon called Poseidon?
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If the planets are named after the Greek and Roman gods is there a planet named Poseidon?

the Greeks called poseidon" poseidon'' and the Romans called poseidon "neptune".

What would Athens be called if Poseidon was the winner of the contest?

Athens would have been called Poseidon.

Who was Poseidon's son with the mortal Amymone?

Amymone's son by Poseidon was called Nauplius.

What is Poseidon's weapen called?

A trident

What else is Poseidon called?


What was Poseidon called?

god of the sea

Why was Poseidon called the Earthshaker?

It was said that when poseidon's trident struck the earth, it would cause earthquakes. Poseidon was also the god of sea and ocean.

What is Poseidon allusions?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon, the god of the sea, was Zeus's brother. An 'allusion' is a reference to something else. So, a poseidon allusion would be a reference, probably in a story or movie, to something about the sea or directly to Poseidon. For example, the 2006 movie called Poseidon was about an ocean liner named Poseidon meeting it's untimely demise - this is a direct allusion to Poseidon (the Greek god). Also, there is a scuba equipment manufacturer called Poseidon, Inc. Again, this is a direct Poseidon allusion.

What god is Poseidon known as?

He is the god of the sea. In roman mythology, Poseidon is called Neptune. He is also the one that causes earthquakes and Poseidon is the creator of horses.

Who do you think was called the shaker of the earth?


How do you spell Poseidon in Roman?

They called him Neptune.

What god is similar to Poseidon?

The Roman god Neptune is similar to Greek Poseidon, often they are called counterparts.