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Puerto Rico was named by the Taino people, Boriken, (Borinquen), When the spaniards arrived to the island they named it San Juan Bautista(Saint John the Baptist), and the capital, Puerto Rico, then later on the names got switched, the island Puerto Rico, and the capital, San Juan Bautista, San Juan for short.

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Q: Why is Puerto Rico named Puerto Rico?
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What is the state of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is officially named the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It is an unincorporated territory of the United States.

What are the prisons in Ponce Puerto Rico?

The prison in Ponce, Puerto Rico is named Las Cucharas.

What was Puerto Rico first named?

Puerto Rico was first named San Juan Bautista (Saint John the Baptist as in the Bible) by the Spanish settlers.

What island is named Rich Port?

Puerto Rico.

Is Santiago a male or a female in Puerto Rico?

The person named "Santiago" is a female in Puerto Rico. Her real name is Esmeralda Santiago.

Was Puerto Rico named San Juan?

Yes by Columbus.

Is Puerto Rico a foreign country?

If you are in Puerto Rico, no. If you are not in Puerto Rico, yes.

Is Puerto Rico a continent?

No, Puerto Rico is an island.Actually Puerto Rico is NOT a continent ; it is an island .

What are the Puerto Rico countries?

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico in spanish?

Puerto Rico

What is Puerto Rico's original name?

Puerto Rico was originally called Borik`en by the Tai'no Indians the original inhabitants, until the Spaniards came took it over and named it San Juan, later it became Puerto Rico

How do you say welcome to Puerto Rico in spanish?

welcome to puerto rico

What are some locations in Puerto Rico?

where is bank of america in puerto rico

Who named Puerto Rico as San Juan Bautista?

Christopher Columbus in 1493.

Where is a Puerto Rico bakery in 33012?

in puerto rico

Puerto Rico is cool?

Puerto Rico is awesome!!

What do they dance in Puerto Rico?

In Puerto Rico they do salsa!

What is puerto rico's spanish name?

Puerto Rico...?

Where to get a Puerto Rico driver's license?

In Puerto Rico

What state is Puerto Rico by?

Puerto Rico is by Cuba

What does ''Puerto Rico'' mean?

Puerto Rico means (Puerto=Port & Rico=Rich=Rich Port

Historical facts about Puerto Rico?

The area of Puerto Rico used to be inhabited by the Taino Indians. Its name is Spanish for 'rich port' and it was named for its great location and resources.

What is Puerto Rico's government's name?

The Government of Puerto Rico have two official names. The first one: Government of Puerto Rico; and the second one: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In Spanish: 'Gobierno de Puerto Rico' or 'Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico'.

What is the country code and area code of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico?

The country code and area code of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico is 1, (1+)787.

What is the state insect of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is not a state. The symbol/insect/animal of Puerto Rico is the Coqui.