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Why is Renault not sold in the US?


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September 13, 2011 3:25PM

I could be in error, I know I was once, so it could happen again, but it seems that, way back, when the US of A first began bearing down on safety standards for Autos, Renault decided it was not worth the effor, cost effect and all that, and the car was not that popular anyway.


If you mean the French Renault the first answer can't be right. Any Renault sold in Europe is conform to all security standards. And by the way... the standards for cars are higher in Europe.


Americans never got along with French cars. Renault, Peugeot and Citroen all attempted to enter the US market, and all failed.


Renault did OK, but never really well, until they introduced the LeCar in 1978, which was hailed as Car of the Year. Unfortunately, it proved to be poorly built, and these horrible cars were the end of their US market.


I love My Renault 12 Routier which never came to the USA i believe it was popular in the MEXICO market which where i live just by looking at how it is built and how simple it is I don't think it would ever handle to any Americans taste


Pet peeve: European standards are not higher, they are different. Europeans emphasize fuel economy and CO2 for emissions and pedestrian and city traffic safety. US standards emphasize various oxides and particulate for emissions and high speed crash safety. The end result is diesels in Europe, which put out little CO2 compared to gasoline, but pump out way more particulates etc. And in the US vehicles tend to be larger and heavier to deal with higher crash speeds. Bumper regulations are also stricter.

I look at all France and Italy automakers sites and I get in shock! for example I'm subcontractor,I'm doing satellite TV systems for high rise buildings and I have Mercury Villager from 1993 gasoline engine 3.0L which consume about 20MPG! I look at French and Italy automakers especially cargo van which I'm very interesting and I don't need big van just small van like Renault Bipper for exmaple! this car available with diesel engine 1.4L which consume 70MPG highway! just think about 70MPG:)! and for me 1.4 diesel is good enough! what we have in US:)? we have gas suckers vans like GMC EXPRESS,DODGE and etc... all is just s..t! all of them consume around 10-15MPG gasoline! this is just non exceptable at all! there is 1 first cargo van from FORD TRANSIT CONNECT looks great but again 2.0L engine but 22MPG not far away from my 16 years old MERCURY VILLAGER:)! I don't just understand why they didn't put diesel engine in that:)? if you can't make it just buy it from Europe:)! this a shame guys for US! imagine Europe made cargo van consumes less fuel then US hybrid cars:)! doesn't matter where are this made in Japan or here in US! we should make cooperation with Europe car maker and start make really economical cars! if we can make economical diesel engines the buy it from Europe or Japan! stop making that s..t! or import Europeans cars! for example that Renault Bipper cost around 10000 pounds in UK,FORD TRANSIT CONNCET around 22000$ and 22MPG:)! this all situation makes me mad guys because I will need sooner or later buy new car because main is 16 years old! and there is nothing economical at all in US!

they selll Laguna in Brasil and in San Andreas but its a new venture and the economy is bad so they have not exbanded

Renault owns Nissan so they are already there under that brand. The Renault products didn't quite fit the US market, so they pulled out. Attempts to Americanise existing models fell flat. Poor build quality in the US factories didn't help reliability either.


Why don't they just convert the cars to u.s. standards, like they did with the Dome Zero, and just sell the darn thing!