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Why is Robert Munsch a notable Canadian?


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He's a writer of children's books. He's written some classics for children including The Paper Bag Princess (a poke at some of the chauvinistic overtones of traditional Fairy Tales); and Love You Forever (which was given some attention in a later episode of the sit-com Friends).


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American-Canadian author Robert Munsch is alive. He is 72 (born 11 June 1945)

On his offical site it said that he did become a canadain citizen!!!

Robert Munsch was born June 11 1955

Robert munsch did have an addiction to cocaine but is now clean

Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1945.

Robert Munsch was inducted into Canada's 2009 Walk of Fame.

Robert Munsch started writting books at the age of 35.

Children's author Robert Munsch is 72 years old (birthdate June 11, 1945).

robert norman munsch, norman is his middle name.

Robert Munsch was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 11, 1945.

The first published book by Robert Norman Munsch [b. June 11, 1945] was 50 Below Zero, in 1986.50 below zero

Robert Munsch seems to be alive and well. Although age 64 and recovering from stroke, he is still writting books. For a recent news article see the link below.

he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive and manic-depressive.

He was inducted into Canada's Walk of fame in 2008

yes he is dead. he died because he was afraid of balloons.

In the top nine books written by Robert Munsch are, Mud Puddle, The Paper Bag Princess, Love You Forever, A Promise is a Promise, Stephanie's Ponytail, We Share Everything!, Ribbon Rescue, Zoom!, and Murmel, Murmel, Murmel.

Marty Munsch was born on 1967-08-12.

One author is a kids author Robert Munsch!!!!!! For the ones that don't know him is stupid lol!!!

Bcuz he changed his mind he wanted to be a Jesuit Priest but he changed his mind and wanted to be a children's author.

Gingerbread Baby - Jan Brett Alligator Baby - Robert Munsch Both are children's books.

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