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According to, it had to do with the properties of the rock. There were actually a couple of occasions where the rock had to be re-blasted to correct mistakes and the intended order was changed at that time.

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Did the Lincolns have a dog named Fido?

Yes, but he was left with a friend in Illinois when the Lincolns moved to Washington.

Abraham lincolns assassanation?

Ford's Theatre Washington D.C.

What is the name of Abraham Lincolns Monument in Washington DC?

The Lincoln Memorial.

Where did the Lincolns live before they moved to Washington DC?

They lived in Springfield, Missouri. That is also where Lincoln was buried.

What was the location of Abraham lincolns death?

He died April 15, 1865 in the Petersen Home, in Washington D.C.

The town of Abrahams lincolns death?

Washington D.C., Fords Theater was only several blocks from the White house.

Where would i write Abraham Lincolns initials on map?

If I was doing a map I would put him in Kentucky, Illinois, and Washington.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis served as which Secretary to Lincoln?

Heavens, no. He was Secretary of War in the administration of the 14th US president, Franklin Pierce, but not in Lincolns cabinet.

How did Confederate President Jefferson Davis react to Lincolns plan to resupply Fort Sumter?

When Lincoln announced his plans to resupply Fort Sumter, Confederate President Jefferson Davis took it as an act of aggression. The militia forces responded and attacked the fort.

What was Abraham Lincoln's most famous speech?

Lincolns most famous speech was the "Gettsburghs Address". It was given in Washington on Nov. 19, 1863.

Were is Abraham Lincolns bloody pillow?

In a museum on his bed. The museum is in Washington DC. You should visit one day. It's really cool.

What kind of Bible was he swore in on?

Lincolns bible Lincolns bible

Who in Abraham Lincolns family died before him?

Abraham lincolns mom

What was president Lincolns plan for reconstruction?

describe lincolns plan for reunion ?

What is Abraham Lincolns nationality?

President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

What is Abraham Lincolns favorite drink?

Abraham Lincolns favorite drink was coffee.

Abraham Lincolns economic class?

Abraham lincolns economic class is middle class

Who is Abraham Lincolns father and mother?

Abraham Lincolns parents were Thomas and Nancy Lincoln.

What important factor in lincolns reelection in 1864?

what factors led to lincolns reelection in 1864

What effects did lincolns assassination have on people in the us?

Total shock and deep lament on both sides. It had not been a Confederate plot, as some people in Washington wanted to claim.

What Abraham Lincolns and Mary Lincolns hometown?

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky, but then moved to Illinois

Was john c calhoun Abraham Lincolns father?

No. Thomas Lincoln was Abraham Lincolns father.

What was Lincoln's dog named?

Lincoln's best-known dog was Fido, who was left behind in Springfield when the Lincolns moved to Washington. Fido was assassinated in a sense-- he was stabbed to death by a drunk.

What was abraham Lincolns favorite colors?

blue green and brown . those are lincolns three favorite colors

What were Lincolns nicknames?