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Charles Dickens
A Christmas Carol

Why is Scrooge unsure of what will occur in the future?


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December 28, 2014 11:09AM

The warning from his once friend Jacob Marley about the "chains he forged in life " and the horrors of walking the earth for ever as a taunted spirit hang heavily in his mind.

When taken by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to come (death) to the "unknown" grave site Scrooge begs to know if the scenes he sees are as they will be or if they can be changed if he changes.

The "Ghost" never actually states either but allows Scrooge to make the decision himself. Scrooge fears a solitary death with no one to care for him or think about him after his demise and of course the possibility of walking the earth for eternity.

Scrooge fears death and what the future holds for him if he does not change his ways.