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Singapore is just like the United States. If Singapore crash, the entire South-East Asia will be in turmoil.
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Why is Singapore called this?

Singapore came from the original Malay name of Singapura. Singapura, literally translates to 'Lion City', name given by a prince from Temasek who claims to have seen a lion wh

Why is Singapore multicultured?

Since the beginning, when Singapore was found, it was made up of immigrants from other countries like China, India and Malaysia. Hence that accounts for the main racial group

Why is Singapore called an entrepot?

An entrepot is a "a port, city, or other center to which goods arebrought for import and export, and for collection anddistribution." Singapore is the leading port city in Sou

Why is Singapore named Singapore?

It was rumored that the prince of a civilization in Jakarta came to Singapore to seek to expand his area of governance. When he first landed on this island, he saw a huge crea

Why is Singapore a rich country?

Singapore is rich because they have a highly developed market-basedeconomy READ: NOT AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE COUNTRY, which hashistorically revolved around extended entrepot trad

Why is Singapore so densely populated?

Singapore is a highly populated island, with a total density of 6300 people per square kilometre, and a popular destination for both tourism and business. It is also one of th

Why is Singapore an international city?

Singapore is mainly made up of immigrants in the early days. Hence it grew into a multi-racial country now which consist of mainly Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians. Alo

Why is Singapore hosting YOG?

It is for a small start for Singapore for hosting events. After this, Singapore have chance of hosting bigger events. Singapore can also boost their tourist industry like inte

Why is Singapore considered a developed country?

Ya, Singapore is a well-developed country or rather a successful country. Just look at singaporeans daily lives, we have clean water, sufficient food and lots of cities, shopp

Why is Singapore such an important port?

Singapore is one of the most successful developed countries in Asia and is enough to say that it has always won the award Best Seaport in Asia, for the 21st time, on the 23 ye

Why is Singapore such a clean city?

Because Singapore has very strict laws and has hefty fines for dropping chewing gum, cigarettes and litter on the floor. (For many years, chewing gum was banned in Singapore).

Why is Singapore important to Australia?

It's a friendly nation in a sometimes unfriendly nation, and there are many business links, a lot of shared history, and lots of trade. Singapore isn't essential to Australia,