Why is Sudan so poor?

because of political instability and lack of equality between tribes and religion. the country is extremely huge , diverse and rich in natural resources (North Sudan) but instability led to it becoming so poor. having gone through the longest civil war in the continent of over 50 years brought the country to its knees on the world stage.

however it is still in a better economic condition than most countries in Africa and has more potential than just its natural resources for e.g tourism potential, Industry potential and a huge market potential thanks to its strategic location between sub saharan africa and north africa and also acess to red sea and gateway to the middle east across in addition to bordering 7 countries i.e. Egypt , Libya , Chad , Central african republic , South Sudan , Ethiopia and Eritrea. 4 of them are landlocked and Sudan could be a gateway for them to the rest of the world. Sudan is also considered the Arab world food basket as it has 200 million acres of arable land which is about 45% of total arable land in the arab world and has the nile flowing from the south to the north having huge irrigation potential. however, little of this (only 16%) is cultivated. Sudan has some of the largest mineral reserves in the world. In addition to huge unexploited oil reserves in Darfur and red sea coast.

So Sudan has a lot of potential but all it needs is political stability and cultural equality. secularism could be the best option for sudans future development.