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Superman gets all of his powers from exposure to Earths yellow sun.

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How strong is martian manhunter compared to Superman Supergirl and wonderwoman?

As strong as Superman He said so in Green Lantern 44 Martian Manhunter has always certainly been on par with Superman physically. However, he is not quite as strong as Superman. Although the Manhunter is more powerful overall, Superman is physically stronger.

Who is strong Batman or Superman?


Why is Hulk stronger than Superman?

Because Hulk is bigger. Hulk thinks and knows that Superman is strong but Superman isn't strong enough.

Is green lantern better than Superman?

Yes, I believe so. As long as the GL's will is strong, they would be able to beat Superman.

How strong is Chuck Norris?

Chuck Norris is so strong, he once beat Superman in a fight...just by breathing on him.

How strong is Doomsday?

He killed Superman so he's pretty strong, granted he died in the fight as well but still.

Who would win broly or Superman?

In actuality it would probably be superman, seeing as he is always "As strong as he needs to be..." Superman is also known as being the mans with "no Limits" so superman would be as strong as he is needed to be whenever in a fight. another point to put is that superman is not overrated, just overpowered given everything he could ever need to win.

How strong is supergirl?

Depending on her age she can as strong as superman.

How strong is superman hair?

Superman's hair is as strong as steel.

Who will win broly or Superman?

Superman. There's video where Goku vs Superman in Screwattack's channel in Youtube, it shows how strong Superman is and Goku's.

Who was a very strong hero?


How strong is Captain Marvel?

strong enough to go toe to toe with superman.

Who is the strongest supper hero?

It accually is superman because the hulk is human till hes angry superman is always strong till he gets hit by Kryptonite. so the hulk can die if he is not angry.

How strong is Superman if he gives it his all?

There are a few moments where Superman show's his opponents how strong he "really is". However, if you ask almost any true fan of Superman, they will likely tell you that his true strength has never been measured. Did you know that Superman, technically, has three personalities? Send me a message if you'd like to know more.

Can Hulk defeat Superman?

No Hulk cannot put Superman down. Hulk may be strong and outraged but Superman is mighty and powerful. Superman has various options to destroy his enemies whereas the Hulk has to get near to kill his opponent or grab a heavy item to hit his target. If Superman decides to fight Hulk without using his superpowers, the Hulk will win after a long battle. Superman still stands first. So the final answer is Superman wins against the Hulk.

Is batman older than Superman?

superman was the first super hero so no batman was not before superman

Who is faster Superman or green lantern?

Superman has Super speed, but Green Lantern does not. So superman is the right answer

Would a Jedi beat Superman?

I personally don't believe a jedi could defeat Superman, because the author of the comics made him nearly indestructable. It would be a pretty good fight because the jedi have lightsabers, but Superman is probably so strong that it wouldn't hurt him very much. (unless the jedi put kryptonite in their lightsaber) Although, when you think about it, Superman is only strong because he's on Earth and his muscles were adapted to another planet. Jedi are from another galaxy and many are not human, so if the battle took place on Earth...who knows?

What does superman get the kind of food he needs to keep him strong?

He gets the food from the SUPERmarket.

Whos stronger hulk or Superman?

Though Hulk is so much cooler than superman, superman is probably stronger.

Who wold win in a fight Superman or gladiator?

superman everybody knows it is so!

Was Superman in the 60s?

Superman debuted in 1938, so Yes he was around in the 1960s.

Why kryptonite effects Superman?

This is because when Bizarro(a guy as strong as Superman) was formed by a duplicator ray Superboy wanted to destroy Bizarro, so Superboy went to space to bring a kryptonite and threw the kryptonite upon Bizarro he caught and threw it back upon Superboy. This made Superboy/Superman weak again kryptonite.

Why is it better to be Superman than Einstein?

It's better to be superman than Einstein because superman can fly. And also he is super strong and buff. Einstien was just skinny and had weird hair. Plus Superman's a super hero.

How strong is wonder woman compared to Superman?

Wonder Woman is physically strong enough to restrain Supergirl.Putting her right up there with other Kryptonians. Much like Martian Manhunter, her strength is commonly considered to be roughly equal until Superman gets serious.If Superman was 100, she'd prolly be a 90 or 95.

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