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Why is System volume information so big?

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this folder is so big because it have all system restore files

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Can you delete files in System Volume Information folder?

yes you can delete the system volume info folder but they are very important in waorking of OS(operating system) so i advise you not to delete it

What is the C system volume information?

c:\System Volume Information is a special folder used by Windows. It is not a virus. In an NTFS system, the permissions are set so that no one, not even an administrator, can access it - This is because it contains critical things that no one but the operating system should touch.

What is a system volume information virus?

It is a virus (Normally a trojan.DL) that hides inside your system restore folder, so that if you ever need to run a system restore, it will come back. HTH, -Joe

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All you have to do is think about what their names suggest they do. What do you think the BOOT volume does? What then, is the SYSTEM volume? Yeah, now you've answered that question logically, reverse your answer so it's illogical and that's the right answer! Yep, The BOOT volume contains the Windows (the system) folder, and the SYSTEM volume has all the boot.ini, ntldr and all the stuff you need to boot! BOOT volume = where the system is SYSTEM volume = where the boot files are I kid you not.

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What can you do so that you can use file and folder encryption with a volume using the FAT file system and Windows Vista Business edition?

Convert a FAT volume to NTFS so that you can use encryption.

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