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Why is Texas called Texas?

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It comes from an Indian word meaning "friends" it was called tahos before

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What did Austin Texas used to be called?

Austin, Texas used to be called Waterloo.Austin, Texas used to be called Waterloo.

Why are the Texas rangers called by that name?

The Texas Rangers are called that because it is apart of Texas History.

What is Texas state song called?

texas our texas

What is the Texas state song called?

The State song is "Texas Our Texas".

What state is China in?

there is a ity in Texas called china there is a ity in Texas called china

What was the first oil well drilled in Texas called?

it was called oil well in Texas

What did Texas become as result of the Texas Revolution?

Texas became a country called The Republic of Texas.

What was the independent nation of Texas called?

republic texas

Is there a city in Texas called Canten?

There is a Canton Texas.

What was Texas called after world war 2?

Texas remained named Texas after WW2 .

What are people from Texas called?

We are called Texans!

What are the people of Texas called?

They are called 'Texans'.

What is a Texas orange called?

here in Texas we call them .... oranges

What was the first state government in Texas called?

The Republic of Texas.

What is Texas' baseball team called?

Texas Rangers

What were us settlers in Texas called?

The US settlers in Texas called Tejano. This name means a native of Texas and was formerly known as Texano which means a Texan.

What is the desert called in Texas?

The Chihuahuan Desert is found partly in Texas.

What did Texas call itself when it was its own country?

It was called the Republic of Texas.

What is the name of the war when Texas won independence?

The Texas War of Independence, also called the Texas Revolution

What were the Mexican settlers in Texas called?

The Mexicans that settled in Texas were called Tejano. Sometimes. the word Texano is also used to refer to these settlers, especially in south Texas.

What was the war called between the Mexicans and Texas?

It can be called the War for Texas Independence or the Texas Revolutionary War, but it is not to be called the Mexican American War or the Mexican War which happened a decade after the Texans won their Independence at San Jacinto.

What was the conflict between Texas and Mexico called?

The Texas Revolution (1835-1836)

Who is Austin Texas named after?

Stephen Fuller Austin who is called the Father of Texas.

What are the southeastern tribes in Texas called?

The southeastern tribes of Texas are the Wichita and the Caddo

What facts about Texas?

It is the only state that was at first a country which was called (THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS)

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