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Q: Why is Tropical Thunder so funny?
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Why is tropic thunder so funny?

Because it makes you laugh,Hahahahahahahahahahahahaheeheehee!!

Where do thunder storms develop?

In the SKY and HEAVEN! It is so easy and you don't know? So FUNNY! Can it be developed in your house? Ofcoarse not!

Who directed tropical thunder?

first of all its tropic thunder and ben stiller directed it

Does a thunderstorm begins as a tropical disturbance?

yes, a thunder storm does start as a tropical disturbance

Funny adjectives beginning with t?

thunder thighs

Do all storms and clouds occur in the stratosphere?

most storms do such as thunder storms and so on, but tropical storms like cyclones(tornadoes) occur in the Troposphere.

What is a funny movie idea that you could make?

something like tropic thunder but in WW2

What sounds do you hear in the tropical rain forest?

You can hear the sound of bolting thunder storms and tropical birds that peck you and have very nice tropical sounds. The loudest thing you can hear is rain that sprinkles on the shiny green leaves.

When is lightning most likely to hit?

When there's a thunder storm. The funny thing is this is the true answer to your question

What does blitz means?

Blitz means lightning in German. (Blitzen) Interesting fact: So the reindeer, Donner and Blitzen, are actually called thunder and lightning. The German word Donnerstag literally means Thunder day, but it is actually Thursday. Our day, Thursday, is named after the Viking God Thor, who was god of Thunder and Lightning! It is funny to see how it all links in :)

Does Anyone Know a Funny Joke about Animals in the Tropical Rain forest?

What do you say to a tropical rain forest that is about to be cut down? Run Forest....Run!

Any bad weather in tropical rainforests?

Yes there is bad weather in rainforests there is: lots of rain and thunder and lightning.

What group of Thunder storms become a hurricane?

A hurricane develops from a group of showers and thunderstorms called a tropical wave.

How do you say What is So Funny in German?

what is so funny = was ist so komisch

Why is south park so funny?

It is so stupid its funny

What is so funny about Fred figglehorn?

he is so funny because of his voice

Is Melissa Stewart funny?

no! she is not funny what-so ever!

What is a word that is gives an example of a rainstorm?

A rainstorm is a storm with heavy rain. A rainstorm can be described as a downpour. A thunder storm is a rainstorm with thunder including as is a lightening storm is a rainstorm with lightening. A hurricane is a storm with violent wind and could be considered a rainstorm. A tropical storm is a localized wind system that forms over tropical oceans. All of these could be examples of rainstorms.

What is stronger lightning or thunder?

Thunder i guess but lightning make a sound of thunder so it would probably be both!

Why was Thor a humorous name for the kitten in Number the Stars?

Not really. They named it Thor after the God of Thunder. but in the story they make funny thing happen with Thor.

Can you have thunder with out lightning?

Thunder and lightning always occur together. However, sometimes it is so far away that you see the lightning but cannot hear the thunder, and sometimes the cloud cover is so thick that you can hear the thunder but cannot see the lightning.

What is necessary for a tropical disturbance to grow into a hurricane?

A tropical disturbance has to go through 3 stages before becoming a hurricane. 1. Tropical Disturbance. This is formed from individual thunder storms coming together 2. Tropical Depression. This is caused when a Tropical Disturbance goes above 21 m.p.h. 3. Tropical Storm. This is caused when a Tropical Depression goes above 34 m.p.h. 4. Hurricane. This forms when winds become 74 m.p.h. or above. Hurricanes can go up to 206 m.p.h.

Who can pajamas be funny?

They are not funny so do not laugh?

Is Dylan nice or funny?

ive met Dylan and hes so so nice and so funny

Cover your mirror during thunder so that it will not break?

Thunder will not break a mirror.