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No. All of the planets rotate. Uranus is unique in that, compared to the other planets, Uranus rotates on its side.

Uranus and Neptune are called the sister planets

It rotates on it's side K12 LOL

Uranus is a very unique planet for a few reasons: It has 11 rings A tilted axis that puts it on its side And a 12000 degree ocean

the orbit of uranus is sideways and the way the orbit of the planet and the gravity and ive seen in books of the planet uranus the rings are parelel of the poles or the axis is tipped on the side ..the poles of uranus is not north and south .but they are east and west .

Uranus is a gas planet not a rocky planet

The weirdest planet is planet Uranus. The weirdest planet is Jojo on Uranus

The planet Uranus is called an ice giant planet.

Uranus is a part of the solar system. So yes, Uranus is a planet.

The planet Uranus is named after the god Uranus.

Uranus became a planet in 1781.

The planet after Uranus is Neptune, the furthest planet from the Sun.

Uranus is the ancient god of the sky (in greek mythology). uranus is also a planet... the planet "uranus"

Uranus was the first planet discovered with a telescope. You can see Uranus with a telescope, it's the seventh planet from the sun. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune.

Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun.

That is it. The international name for the planet is Uranus.

the planet uranus is only a gas planet

How was the planet Uranus been observed

Uranus is an outer planet.

No, Uranus is the 3rd largest planet.

Uranus is a gas giant planet.

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