Why is Valentine named after Saint Valentine?


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The feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome is on February 14. He is considered the patron saint of lovers.

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Valentines day was named after Saint Valentine.

There is no saint named Valentino but there are several named Valentinus or Valentine in English.

No, there are quite a number of saints named Valentine. However, the best known of these was Saint Valentine of Rome.

Yes, there were at least three saints named Valentine.

Valentines day is named after Saint Valentine

Yes, there were several saints named Valentine. The best known and most popular is Saint Valentine of Rome who has a feast day on February 14.

St. Valentine of Rome who was a priest or bishop in the early days of the Church.

Valentinus was the name given to him at birth, a fairly common Roman name. He was not named for a saint.

There are at least 3 saints named Valentine and all of them were martyrs. None of them was 'invented.'

You have it backwards. Valentine's Day is named after Saint Valentine of Rome and February 14 is his feast day.

Valentine's Day, the time when love is in the air, is named after this saint.

St Valentine, The Patron Saint of Love.

Before he was removed from the Calendar of Saints in 1969, the feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome was observed on February 14.

St Valentine, Patron Saint of Love.

It was named after Saint Valentine.

St. Valentine, the Patron Saint of Love. <3

Saint Valentine of Course Saint Valentine

Valentine comes from the Latin name Valentinus and refers to Saint Valentine whose feast day falls on February 14.

No, Saint Valentine was beheaded.

Saint Valentine was a priest in Rome.

He was named Valentinus by his parents, a common Roman name in his time.

The feast day of Saint Valentine of Rome is on February 14. That is why it is called Valentine's Day.

Saint Valentine was a male. He was also a priest.

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