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Q: Why is Warren G. Harding one of the worst American presidents?
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Do you like Warren Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

Do you like Warren G. Harding?

No because he was one of our very worst presidents

What is something important that Warren G. Harding did?

nothing he did nothing important he was the worst president ever

Which president's friends let him down while he was in office?

Warren Harding's friends probably were the worst at embarrassing the President both in number and degree. Many of the presidents have had at least one old friend who exhibited questionable behavior when put in a responsible position.

Was Warren G. Harding one of the best presidents?

Rated by the historians in the "worst" category is, you guessed it, Warren G. Harding: a president who successfully promoted economic prosperity, cut taxes, balanced the budget, reduced the national debt, released all of his predecessor's (Wilson's) political prisoners, supported anti-lynching legislation, and instituted the most substantial naval arms reduction agreement in world history. Go figure.

What was president Warren G. Harding contributions?

Harding is routinely listed among the worst presidents in history, based mostly on the bribery scandal during his brief administration; his widow destroyed the majority of documents from the period. Since the 1970s, however, the view of him has improved, with historians noting his successful negotiation of naval arms reductions after WWI, fiscal responsibility, and relatively progressive ideas on civil rights.

What Family is responsible for the 3 worst US Presidents?

The Bush Family - George H W Bush, George W Bush, Franklin Pierce. The three Absolute worst presidents to date in American History.

Worst presidents ranked worst to best?

There are some published lists and they vary according to the criteria used. Buchanan generally seems to be considered the worst along with Harding and Andrew Johnson. Lincoln gets the top spot with Washington and Franklin Roosevelt vying for second and third.

The worst president of the 20th century?


Is George H. W. Bush the worst President to date?

No, some people would think that Richard Nixon was (resigned over dirty tricks and spying).Warren G. Harding had only 2 years as President (1921-1923), and his administration was marked by numerous scandals involving friends who received political appointments.There are many official lists by numerous sources that list the best to worst president. Best is always Abe Lincoln and worst is usually Harrison, Harding some others.. Bush averages around 36 to 38 of the 43 past presidents, that is obviously no accomplishment.

Who was the worst President of the US?

The US has had several bad presidents. James Buchanan was the president before the Civil War started. Ulysses Grant allowed a lot of corruption as president. Some say William Henry Harrison who caught a cold at his inauguration and died a month after taking office.

Who is the worst paid CEO?

warren buffet