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The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by online citizens on a voluntary basis. They answer the questions that they want to, when they want to. And although there are a number of people that look through the unanswered questions for the purpose of answering them, there are a lot of unanswered questions that exist and new ones being asked on a continual basis. Also the proper placement into the category that is closest to the question can have some effect. If a question is in the wrong category perhaps it is not visited as much as it would be if it were in the right category. And then there is always a chance that a person may ask a question that most users do not have the answer to.

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Q: Why is WikiAnswers not answering my question?
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How many contribution points on WikiAnswers do you get for answering a question?

You get one contribution point for answering a question, as it is only one action.

Is WikiAnswers fake?

No, WikiAnswers is not fake. If WikiAnswers was fake, you couldn't have asked the question you asked, and I wouldn't be answering it. So, WikiAnswers is real.

Why does WikiAnswers give broad answers to questions sometimes?

It is up to the individual who is answering the question, not WikiAnswers.

What is a sentence for process?

The process for answering a question on WikiAnswers is very simple.

Is it ok to tell your crush you like them by answering a question on WikiAnswers if you know she asked the question?


Can you use pertaining in a sentence?

When answering a question WikiAnswers, please use information pertaining to the question.

What is bad about answering a question on WikiAnswers?

There is no bad thing about answering a question on WikiAnswers, there are only good things and benefits. Like, for the user that asked the question, now they know the answer that they were longing for. And, you, you just shared your knowledge, doesn't that feel good?

What is a good sentence for contribution?

By answering this question, I have just made a contribution to WikiAnswers.

How can you be funny without being chucked out of WikiAnswers?

Try answering the question after the joke.

How do you ask a question and have people answer on WikiAnswers?

Just continue doing what you just did! You asked a question and, I'm answering you.

Is WikiAnswers wrong?

A good percentage of the time, yes. It depends on who is answering your question, or how well the question is asked.

How smart is WikiAnswers?

depends on the person answering the question, wikianswers is not run by a computer, but people who know the answer can just answer questions themselves.

Why does WikiAnswers let someone else answer a question when you are already answering it?

WikiAnswers is a collaborative community - anybody can answer a question. If someone happened to click "Answer" while you are answering the question, this does not register until they have saved and you have attempted to save as well. Feel free to edit the answer afterwards.

Who is answering this question right now?

Currently, one of thousands of contributors is answering this question in the hopes that the asker will be pleased with his/her answer, and continue to use WikiAnswers for more information.

Does splitting a question count as asking a question on WikiAnswers?

Splitting questions counts as a contribution the same as asking or answering a question.

Why can you no longer use bullet points when answering a question on WikiAnswers?

It is still possible to use bullet points in answers on WikiAnswers. To do so, simply click "Insert unordered list" on the toolbar above the answer box when answering or editing the answer to a question.

Does WikiAnswers give the wrong answers?

if the person answering the question has the wrong answer. For example, i am just a normal person answering a question. It could be wrong though i only answer what i know.

Do you get experience for answering questions on WikiAnswers?

There is no such thing as an "experience point" on WikiAnswers, but you earn "contribution points" for each contribution you make WikiAnswers, such as answering a question or asking a question. You can also earn "trust points," when someone thinks you're a helpful or influential contributor and clicks on "Recommend contributor."

Is the person answering your question have an account on Club Penguin?

No. Not everyone on WikiAnswers has a Club Penguin account.

When a person starts answering the question you already started answering on WikiAnswers how do you add your comment to theirs?

You can click to the 'current question page' and edit their answer - or place a comment in the discussion area.

How do you navigate back to where you were after answering a question on WikiAnswers?

You can close the box of the question you just answered and it will be back at the previous list of questions.

I love WikiAnswers?

Only you are capable of answering that. Do you love WikiAnswers?

Where does your saved answer go?

After you finish answering a question and you press "Save," your answer becomes part of WikiAnswers. If anyone asks that question or uses keywords in the question, your answer will appear.

What is your favorite answering site?


How do you answer a question on WikiAnswers from an iPod Touch?

Go to safari type the address of WikiAnswers. You will be on Answers mobile and all you need to do is log-in, select a category and start answering.