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it is probably the thermostat any one can change one on a Hyundai they cost under $15.00

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Why does Hyundai elentra doesn't start after running for an hour and on running speed temperature?

If a Hyundai Elantra stops running after an hour on a running speed temperature, it could be a bad thermostat. It is best to have a mechanic take a look at it to determine the exact cause.

Why is water leaking from under dashboard on the passenger side when air and heating is running in a Hyundai elantra?

because the air condition is cooling the air! The colder air gets, the less water it can keep. So the water drips out of the box, where the air is cooled.

What would cause a washer motor to stop working on a Hyundai Elantra?

Debris in the hoses or reservoir could cause the motor to overheat. Also, running the pump without fluid could do the same.

Where to purchase a cabin air filter on a Hyundai elantra?

Just go to your local auto parts store, make sure to know your make model and year. Engine size won't hurt either all though i think Hyundai has been running the same engine for a while.

Why would a 2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS shut off after running for 5 min then cant restart itYou have to wait for and 1 hour before you restart it and it does this over and over sagain.?

im having the same problem with my 2000 elantra! after looking around on the internet im pretty confident its the crankshaft sensor.

What does P with an exclamation point mean on control panel of 2001 Hyundai Elantra?

My best guess would be for the parking break. Easy way to test, when the car is running just pull the lever or step on the lever and see what light turns on

Where does the freon go in 2002 Hyundai elantra?

there is a pipe running along side of inner wing on the Drivers side this is the ac pipe, halfway along toward windscreen there is a valve on top of pipe usually with a green cap on it, that is where freon goes..

Why would a bluish colored exhaust come from a 92 Hyundai Elantra after it has been running for about 5 minutes or so?

Burning oil in the combustion chamber.AnswerNo worries, mine does the same thing. Just try switching to a thicker oil and check regularly.

Why is your 2003 Hyundai Elantra running hot There are no leaks oil and coolant levels are fine?

Bad temperature sensor unit? Cooling fan not working? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator plugged or restricted? System airbound? Thermostat not opening?

How do you know when your coil is bad on your 2001 Hyundai elantra?

It is important to know the symptoms of a bad car part. The symptoms of a coil going bad would be having a trouble starting and running the car, the coil getting hot, and poor fuel economy.

Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the engine beneath the radiator?

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

What could be the problem if a 1995 Hyundai Elantra has no headlights but has running lights and brake lights?

a mi me paso eso se arregla con solo cambiar el relay de luces y punto ya vuelve las luces a prender....

Where is the thermostat on a 2002 elantra Hyundai?

on the drivers side of the engine. you need to remove air box then the hose that connects to thermostat. Still stumped? run your car until its at running temp. Then carefully touch radiator hoses. follow the colder hose to the engine and your there.

What would cause a 2000 Hyundai Elantra to die after running for awhile?

Possible cause is the crankshaft position sensor if you have a bad alternator then your battery can drain while the car is running DOn't know when did you changed cables lately but arching on one of them will do that. Check the cables for any damage or wear. Also look at distributor while you're there.

What would cause a radiator fan to keep running non-stop on a 1999 Hyundai Elantra?

It's supposed to run, even with the key off until the radiator is cool. If it never stops you've probably got a bad temp. sensor switch.

Where could a Pontiac Montana be leaking from if the radiator has been replaced and it is not running hot?

Can be leaking from a hose not secured properly or a hole in the system.

How much water does a running toilet waste?

Depends on how bad it is leaking

What do you check if your water is leaking out your car and running hot?

Thermostat and radiator

Ford Transit diesel pump is leaking diesel can you fix it?

l have a 52 transit it was leaking diesel when running had pump fixed 640

Would running a 1999 Hyundai elantra with out a power steering belt damage the car?

For a short time, No. It will just make steering a little more difficult. It will probably never actually hurt the car but could eventually cause damage to the power steering pump on some cars.

Why your car is running out of freon fast?

Freon cooler is leaking from A/C system.

What are the affects of a leaking radiator in a 2000 Mitsubishi galant?

Engine running hot.

Why does your car smells like it is running hot?

You are probably leaking anti-freeze

How to tell if a car radiator is leaking?

If a leak exists, there should be green or red fluid leaking from just under the nose of the car. It is possible that the engine must be running for the leaking to occur, but this is not always the case.

Where could coolant be leaking from in ford fiesta Its not going into the oil and not coming from pipes and doesnt leak when its running or when its cold but does when its been running a while?

can you see were its leaking from, and what is it leaking and how fast? no, cant see where its leaking from, just that the underside of the engine looks wet. i takes about an hour for the reservoir to empty. could be radiator,,when water is circulating,,it slows the leak down,my money would be that