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Why is a 97 Firebird only blowing cold air when the thermostat has been changed and antifreeze is full?


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2010-10-15 00:57:17
2010-10-15 00:57:17

The thermostat you installed was either bad or is installed upside down. Possibly a clogged heater core. Possibly the system needs bleeding.

AnswerCould be your control cable is broken. Not familiar with your particular model but look for a cable on or near the firewall near the heater core. You may be able to move it by hand and get the haet you need. AnswerRemove DEX coolant the manufacturer recommends. DEX clogs the heater core. Put regular coolant in it then drive, drive, drive. It will break loose. Mine took nearly 4 months to get the sludge out of the radiator even after flush. But it worked. Manufacturer will never comment about that DEX crap.

I have a 98 and I had the same was my heater core, they arent hard to replace and I dont think they are that expensive


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i think that it is determined by the position of the sun. cheers-rhys stannard 10DL

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Thermostat messed up, Oil needs to be changed, no antifreeze in the radiator, radiator fan is not working properly

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I suspect that either your thermostat is plugged with debris from the radiator change or that the thermostat was replaced backwards. The spring side should be towards the block.

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