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Why is a Catholic with SJ after his name respected?

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A person with the post-nomial S.J. is a member of "The Society of Jesus," more commonly known as the Jesuits. These individuals are ordained clergy who have undergone extensive study in their field, and are academics as well as clergy. Generally a Priest who is a Jesuit has completed at least the equivalent of a Masters degree in his field, if not a doctorate. Respect due to them is probably due both to their status as ordained clergy, but also due to their learning. Much in the same way one would respect an academic who has a Ph.D or a D.Sc.

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What does SJ mean at the end of a person's name?

Society of Jesus It indicates a priest who is part of the Jesuit sector of the Catholic church.

What does the suffix SJ mean?

SJ stands for "Society of Jesus," the Jesuit order of the Catholic Church devoted to missionary and educational work.

What is a rosary bead called to put ashes in?

There is no such bead on a Catholic rosary. The Catholic Church demands that the ashes of the deceased be respected, as the body would be respected, and buried.

What is the Roman Catholic title SJ?

It refers to a member of the Society of Jesus, in other words, the person is a Jesuit.

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A:The church of Rome is respected because Rome is the seat of the pope, who as leader of the Catholic Church enjoys the respect of all Catholics. But this was not always so. For much of Catholic history, neither the church of Rome nor the pope was respected by all Catholics. At times, the pope was reviled and the church of Rome merely feared or tolerated.John W. O'Malley SJ (A History of the Popes) says that the pontificate of Pope Pius IX marked the beginning of an almost defining characteristic of Catholics today, a sense of personal relationship with the pope and an obligation to be "loyal" to the pope and to his every word and gesture.Catholic AnswerIf by "Church of Rome" you are referring to the Catholic Church, then it came to be so respected simple because it is the only Church that was founded by Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, Himself, and guaranteed by Him until the end of the world. In addition, He sent the Holy Spirit to "guide it always." If, by Church of Rome, you are referring to the particular Church which is actually the Diocese of Rome, then, obviously, because it is headed by the Successor of St. Peter, the Holy Father, Himself.

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