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Why is a dog afraid go outside especially in the dark?


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Some dogs are just spooked like humans can get in the dark. Also, your dog may hear or smell something you can't see. I use a sensor light in the doggy run for my dogs and as soon as they go through the doorway to out into the doggy run the light automatically goes on. I also stand at the door until they do their business. Sometimes they'll bark while out there (could be a cat or a raccoon) and that's what dogs do. I give them the command to come in for fear of them waking up the neighbors. Try the sensor light and just stand at the door. A few times of this (leaving the door open if you can) and your dog will get over the habit.


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Because its afraid ill get told off

There's a predator, or he senses something really bad.

Maybe he is afraid of change .. :S or maybe let him do it in his own time and go out the room and leave the back door open and see if its something your doing....maybe you could put some food outside to lure him out then when hes outside put some food inside to lure him in and soon he will see that there is nothing to be afraid of.

When a dog is afraid of lighting it is called a noise phobia.

for me i took my dog outside. you have to play with the dog a little, sometimes walk the dog outside and then the dog will do the dogs buisiness.

it cold be that it has sore paws, or doesn't like the cold. Good luck i hope this might help you! :)

They are not afraid they want to play

If you have a puppy you just adopted or even a adult dog the first few days they will be afraid to sleep alone, but you have to train them to get the hang of it

If your dog is afraid of others, he/she was not properly socialized.

Indoor Dog = insideOutdoor Dog = outside

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That you love your dog and are afraid for its safety.

Because they are afraid the dog might eat them or hunt them. Dogs are predators and raccoons are prey for dogs.

You make a dog use the bathroom outside by traininig it.

The setting of "A Dark Brown Dog" is primarily the tenement building where the boy, his family, and the dog live.

There are definitely two very important things: LED dog collars and florescence lined dog jackets, it is important for others to see your dog especially in the dark, they need to have something that is very visible for us to see.

anything larger then it

If your dog is afraid of lightning, it will be afraid of a camera flash to. It could also be the sudden frequency that scares him.

you take the dog outside take him outside the household.

first you can start by taking him outside after every meal to use the bathroom. try to take him for a walk everyday, and when ever you are outside take your dog with you. also try to play with you dog outside more then you do inside and by then your dog should like the out doors.

Dogs are "pack" animals. Their natural inclination is to be with the pack (their group/family). A dog left outside alone, day after day, feels afraid and lonely. It may bark a lot, to get your attention, which will make your neighbors hate you. It might dig holes in your yard (nervous behavior) which might make you dislike your dog. Dogs are part of your family and should not be left outside alone for long periods of time.

Walk them more, especially about 20.min after meals or a good big drink of water. Praise like crazy when they pee outside. My dog is always excited to poop outside,as she knows this will get her a bacon treat.Don't leave water down overnight.

its not ur fault its ur fellings. im afraid of dogs to

try putting the pee pad outside. make sure the dog knows that it's outside. every time the dog pee's in the house, you need to let the dog know that that's bad by saying no in an angry voice and putting it outside. once the dog starts peeing outside, you can get rid of the pee pad.

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