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Why is a guy mean to you If you're getting along really well and you really like him but then he starts making mean comments?


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In my view there are two ways to answer this : 1: you have only started seeing each other. If he is being mean to you now he will always be mean. He is a bully and likes to gain power over other people by belittling them. Do not run around trying to please him or to make up for some imagined slight. This is what he wants and will only make him worse. Keep your dignity. His meanness will in all probability progress to physical/emotional/sexual/psychological abuse. Get out now before you get in too deep. 2 : You have been in this relationship for a while and he is suddenly being mean to you. Look for external factors like stress at work, for example. Sit down with him and tell him that if something is stressing him then it is unfair to take it out on you and that you will not put up with it. If he wants to let you know what is bothering him then you are there for him. This may be enough to make him realise just how mean he is being. You might find it hard to start this kind of emotional conversation but just take a deep breath and start speaking - preferably in an environment that is private and you won't be disturbed. Believe me, actually having the conversation is nowhere near as scary as you imagine it will be. Hope this helps. Good luck.