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Why is a headache only on the left side of head?


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December 13, 2011 11:14PM

There are a wide variety of answers to this question. The most common and least dangerous is a muscular strain at the neck or front of the skull, producing a unilateral headache. Another possibility is migraines.

Have you worked out hard recently? Fallen, or been invovled in a car accident? Heavy duty stress? Any of these can cause these symptoms. First let's check the easy, likely stuff,and go from there.

A bit more:

Migraine headaches often occur on the same side of the head each time, especially for those who have them on a fairly frequent basis. For years I had migraines, which were always on the right side. Some people have them on the right side, some on the left.

If you continue to have them, or if you've already been having them for a while, you really need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and treatment.