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It depends what you see intelligence as. If intelligence is performing calculations quickly, then the computers are superior to humans. But, if intelligence is making your own decisions and critically thinking, then humans have computers beat by far.

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Who is more intelligent computer or human being?


Which is more intelligent human being and computers?

Human beings as a creator of computers & intelligent machines.

Which animal is most intelligent after human being?

A dolphin.

Is it true that the computer is more intelligent than the human?

No. The amount of information that a computer can store and the speed with which it can access that data makes the machine seem 'intelligent', but all of its decisions are based on parameters determined by a human.

Why human being is a gift of nature?

because humans are the intelligent creature.

Are whales more intelligent than dogs?

himself a human being

The most complex and intelligent vertebrate?

The most complex and intelligent vertebrate is Homo sapien, otherwise known as a human being.

Who is the world's most intelligent human?

The worlds most intelligent human being is Kim Ung-yong. He has an IQ of 260. A score of 140 or more is considered genius.

Who is most intelligent human-being ever lived?

Albert Einstein

What is the difference between the human being and the machine?


What is a cyborg?

A part-human and part-machine being

Is computer intelligent than human being?

Its a proven study that humans are smarter that computers.

Are computer intelligent then human being?

Currently, no. But in, or around, 2015 we should be able to do so.

Can computer become intelligent?

No because a human has to put data in the computer, a computer can't do anything without a human being.

Is a human more intelligent than a dolphin?

No! dolphins are more intelligent than a human.

How do you measure artificial intelligence?

In the past the Turing test was used. During the test a human carried on a converstion through a typewriter with either another human or a machine and he wasn't told which it was. If he could make no distinction between human and machine it passed the test and was considered intelligent.

Is a gorilla the most intelligent animal?

No, but they are close. The most intelligent animal is the human. The most intelligent non-human animal is the chimpanzee.

What do abyssinian cats like?

fish ,ball of yarn . they also like playing and are extremely active ,wilful and very intelligent but not as very intelligent as human being.

What does mean artificial intelligence?

Here be Webster's Dictionary definition:1 : a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers 2 : the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior

What is artificial intelligence characteristics?

Artificial intelligence is human like intelligence displayed by a machine. To be considered AI a machine must have the ability to act intelligently, as a human and to behave in a general intelligent action, simulate the human brain, actively learn and adapt as a human does, and process language or symbols. Any AI

How is same-sex marriage significantly human?

It is human because it involves human beings. It is significantly human because no human is insignificant.

What can drugs do to you socially?

Decrease inhibitions and generally reduce your ability to communicate like a slightly intelligent human being.

What was theFirst ever machine made by human being?

Maybe the water well.

What is the most intelligent mammal?


Are computer intelligent than human?