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On average men are physically stronger than women because the average man is larger, more robust and has a greater proportion of muscle mass than the average women. Having longer limbs means you have a longer lever to exert force with, having larger muscle mass (controlled by testosterone) means there is more pushing force at the end of the lever. Men are generally more robust meaning their bone structure is larger than that of women, this is needed to cope with the extra forces exerted by the increased muscle. If the bones weren't thickened they would fracture more easily. Women carry a greater proportion of body fat than men and have trimmed back on muscle tissue, it has been suggested that these are adaptions to make them more fit to carry babies to term and produce milk when food is scarce. Muscle tissue uses a lot of energy even at rest, getting rid of some muscle and replacing it with fat reserves would be a wise plan if food was hard to come by and you had the extra energy demands imposed by pregnancy and nursing.

I use the phrase "on average" as clearly not all men are stronger than all women. Most men would struggle to out lift a female weightlifter for example.

Interestingly on average women have a higher pain threshold than men and on average women commit suicide less than men. Thus giving the impression that the average woman is better able to cope with physical injury and stress than the average man.

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Q: Why is a man stronger than a woman?
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well, it depends. a woman could easily be stronger then a man. but the AVERAGE man is about 1 1/2 to 2 times stronger then the AVERAGE woman.

Is a man naturally stronger then a woman?

Men are usually physically stronger than women, but they are not emotionally stronger.

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Technically speaking, the average male is no stronger than the average female. If you compared the genetic and physical structure of the two, their overall strength isn't defined as stronger or weaker. People say that men are stronger than woman simply because the average man does work involving more physical force than a woman. So, in general, the average man physically works more and in turn, generally boosts their strength.

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The first article of the bro-code is: -Bros before hoes. The bond between two men is stronger than that between a man and a woman because on an average, men are stronger than women. That's just science.

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A woman isn't stronger than a man, maybe if you would get your head out of your butt and stop living in the kitchen, you would realize that :)Hello another MemberActually men generally have more natural upper body strength and a higher range of heights than women do. With greater size also come greater strength and men are generally bigger.Women are strong in different ways. Women have to go though periodsand have babies which takes strength.Also, your question 'Why is a women stronger than a men?', should be 'Why is a womanstronger than a man?' or more properly 'Why are women stronger than men?'I do study English Grammar - you know...:O) 8-} #-o >:) :-&