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The answer to your question is quite complex, but in a very basic sense a monopoly faces no competitive constraints in the market. Under pure competition a firm can only charge the price that consumers are willing to pay. If you and I both own perfectly competitive coffee shops and I charge $1 for a cup of coffee while you are charging $2, the number of cups of coffee demanded at your shop will decrease while mine increases. I'll increase my supply as a result, and wind up raking in the cash. This will mean that you make a lot less money, and eventually you will have to change your price in order to make profits. In other words, you must TAKE the price that consumers are willing to pay, or they'll just go to other places. On the other hand, if you own the only coffee shop on the planet, you could charge whatever price you like since you control supply. No other firm can pop up and supply coffee at a lower price than yours because all of the coffee in the world comes from you. The bottom line is: a monopolist can set the industry supply curve wherever they please since they control all output, which means supply will intersect demand wherever the monopolist wants it to (which will be at the quantity where marginal revenue equals marginal cost, but that's a different story). This is by no means a complete answer, but I hope it helps.

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What are 3 characteristics of monopoly?

price maker in the market, zero competition because there is one seller in the market and goods provided have no close substitute, lastly monopoly firm earns a supernormal profit

What is the Price elasticity of demand in each of the four market structures - perfect competition monopoly monopolistic competition and oligopoly?

Perfect competition is perfectly elastic (taken from my Economics textbook)...still searching on the other three.

How does a monopoly control the price of its products?

faces a demand curve that is inelastic throughout the range of market demand. faces a perfectly inelastic demand curve. is a price maker. is also able to dictate the quantity purchased

Comparison between monopoly and perfect competition?

first we need to find what is monopoly and what is perfect competition. Monopoly is the market structure that have only one seller, and only sell the unique products. And Monopoly also have very high barriers entry and its impossible to entry. Otherwise, Perfect competition is the market structure that have many small firms, and only sell the homogeneous products. Perfect competition also have a very low barriers entry, so its very easy to entry. The comparison: - Monopoly more inefficient than Perfect competition because the resources are under allocated to the production of its product - The demand curve for a perfectly competitive firm is perfectly elastic and the demand curve for a monopoly firm is The market demand, which is negatively-sloped according to the law of demand - The monopoly firm charges a higher price and produces less output than would be achieved with a perfectly competitive market - While an economic profit is NOT guaranteed for any firm, a monopoly is more likely to receive economic profit than a perfectly competitive firm. - The positively-sloped marginal cost curve for each perfectly competitive firm is its supply curve.

Is perfect competition better than monopoly?

Yes, perfect competition allows the market to dictate prices where as a monopoly can set any price because there is no other alternative.

Distinguish perfect competition and imperfect competition?

In imperfect competition the producer is the price maker. Whereas in perfect the producer is the price taker meaning there are many producers and no one can influence the price.

Is it a good policy for governments to completely eliminate monopoly power?

no monopoly is better in some organizations because i it gives economy of scale and its gives better services because of its large scale business but monopolistic competition is better than monopoly because in monopolistic competition , organization has discretionary power on either quantity or price but in monopoly organization have more control on price or supply than monopolistic competition and can charge price of its own will.

Why is Perfect Competition as a model better for society than unregulated Monopoly?

Perfect competition allows for fairer price structures than those that would likely be seen in a monopoly.

What happens to price when there is a monopoly?

When there is a monopoly, the general direction of prices is upward. Because of no competition, buyers have no other choice from where to purchase the products. The monopoly company is then free to raise prices at will.

Are eBay and Amazon examples of monopolistic competition?

A monopoly is when one firm has a controlling share in the market. As such he can set the price. eBay is a monopoly Amazon WAS a monopoly but is now simply an online retailer

What is monopoly and how price and output decisions taken under monopoly?

Monopolistic competition refers to the the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.

What is the difference between pure monopoly market structure and pure competition market structure?

in pure competition there is presence of large no of seller and buyer so that change in the supply and demand of any firm and consumer respectively does not effect the market price because all the firms are producing homogeneous product. while in monopoly, the monopolist have sole power he can produce a homogeneous or heterogeneous product according to his will without the danger of any competition all the supply of the product is concentrated in a single firm. he has all power to charge any price for his product which make him a price maker

Similarities of monopoly and monopolistic competition?

Monopoly is a market structure where single seller sell its goods and service to large number of buyer. Monopoly firms itself industry because in monopoly only one seller are exists in market. Monopolistic market structure reflect the market situation where large no. of buyer and seller are enjoying. The main similarities between monopoly and monopolistic competition are as follow:- . 1) Both market are price maker i.e. price and level of output is decided by firm itself. 2) Large number of buyer are present in the market. 3) Product differentiated on the basis of size, brand, packing feature etc.

Is monopoly price a higher price?

Generally yes. In a monopoly they charge whatever price they choose because there is no competition. Governments go to great lengths to limit the impact of monopolies. In theory they have complete control over the price but consumer consternation could lead to price regulation in sensitive areas.

What is an Example of Pure Competition in Marketing?

When monopoly over the market isn't existing. If anybody(actor) can set their own price for their price at a competitive level.

What are the four characteristics of a pure monopoly?

1) Only one firm in the market (no competition). 2) Significant barriers to entry by other firms exist. 3) Lack of substitute goos for the monopolist's good. 4) Firm is a price-maker.

What is the defining characteristics of pure monopoly?

1) Only one firm in the market (no competition). 2) Significant barriers to entry by other firms exist. 3) Lack of substitute goos for the monopolist's good. 4) Firm is a price-maker.

Explain price determination under monopolistic competition?

My heartfelt apologies, I don't mean to be rude. But, is this a loaded question? If it is a monopoly, there's no competition. Therefore you can determine the price any way you want. {eijgniy: hey there is such a market called monopolistic competition.

The differences between perfect competition monopolistic competition monopoly and oligopoly?

In a perfect competition, the buyer is free to buy from any seller he or she chosses. :)in perfect competition there are many industries and the product is homogeneousin monopolistic competition there are many industries but the product is not homogeneousin monopoly there is only one company that produces the productin oligopoly there are not many industries that produces the product and there is a leader industry which "Rules" and controls the price

In a perfectly competitive market while an industry is a price maker an individual firm is a price taker elaborate?

An industry is a price maker because many companies compete and the market dictates the price. Companies are price takers because they can't set the prices. Organizations have to focus on keeping cost low.

The importance of competition?

It keeps prices regulated. In a monopoly, they could make the price be as high as they want, and we have to pay it cause there's no where else to buy it from

What are the characteristics of pure monopoly?

When one company has a hundred percent control of the market and can create their own price without having to deal with competition

In which type of market do individual firms have no incentive to advertise that is to engage in non-price competition?

monopoly =========== It is actually perfect competition. In a monopoly, a firm may choose to advertise to gain a better image on the market. But in a perfect competitive market, prices are set by the market (Firms are price takers), thus advertising would not increase profits at all.

Why monopoly is allocatively inefficient relative to perfectly competitive market?

A monopoly produces at a point where marginal revenue equals marginal cost, they don't charge this price, but charge a higher price that corresponds with the demand they face. Therefore they produce less and charge more than a competitive firm that equates the price to marginal cost.

Explain in detail with suitable examples the imperfect competition and perfect competition?

In imperfect competition the producer is the price maker whereas in perfect the producer is the price taker. In imperfect no new competitors enter the industries hence super normal profits will continue to be realised, unlike in perfect comp