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because you can take it any where and it takes loads of infomaition
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How do you develop pictures from a pinhole camera?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nYou can develop your pictures from a pinhole camera in two different ways. The first school of thinking dates back to the Aztecs who would take the hides of lizards recently killed and put them in the darkest hole they could find. The process could be improved by taking ( Full Answer )

How do you make a pinhole camera?

Get a box. Decide which of the six sides are "the ends." Cut a hole in each of the ends. Make sure they're lined up with each other, and about the same size...say, 1 inch square, and centered on the panel. Get a piece of aluminum foil and pierce a very small hole in it with a sewing needle. Tape i ( Full Answer )

How does a Pinhole camera work?

A pinhole camera is the most simple form of photography and requires practically no knowledge of photography to build a pinhole camera and capture an image using it. The basic principle behind a pinhole camera is the light enters through the pinhole at the front of the container (eg. a shoebox) tra ( Full Answer )

Who made the first pinhole camera?

Camera means "room" The first pinhole camera was made by someone who's name we do not know. Any room that has opaque walls and a relatively small opening on one side will exhibit the "pinhole camera" phenomenon. This was noticed in ancient times and commercialized in the renaissance.

Why are images upside-down in a pinhole camera?

You can figure out why an image in a pinhole camera is upside down if you think about how the light travels to get to the image. Light from an object higher (or the top of the object) than the camera travels in a straight line down to the camera. It goes through the pinhole and continues heading ( Full Answer )

How does the pinhole camera use light?

A camera admits light through an opening to expose an image on film. To get a sharp image if the light is not bright, you need a large hole, but the larger the hole, the more blurred (unfocused) is the image. But if you make the hole as small as a pinhole (like poking a pin through cardboard), you w ( Full Answer )

Improve a pinhole camera?

to improve a pinhole camera you can change the size of the box so that the picture appears clear and you can also capture lots of surroundings around you in the pinhole camera

What is an pinhole camera?

A camera that has a miniature lens mostly used for surveinlancewhere the situation needs that the camera is not obvious such aspolice undercover work.

Why the image formed in a pinhole camera is inverted?

You would be better off to Google this and look for an image as it is tough to put in writing. However, I'll try. Light reflects in all directions from each point of an object. Imagine how a single light ray from the top of an object on the left travels to your right towards the pinhole camera apert ( Full Answer )

How do you build a pinhole camera?

You can make a small pinhole camera with an oatmeal box--this is the traditional pinhole camera body. You poke a very small hole in one end of it. You put a piece of photographic film at the other end, and create a shutter out of a piece of duct tape. \n. \nYou can make a really large pinhole camer ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a pinhole camera and your eyes?

I'm looking for the same answer,someone reply!. cos' when i look on Google it suggests the similarities but not the differences-.- c'mon people:L. answ2 . have a crack at Pinhole Camera in wikipedia.org, and similarly with eye.

How pinhole camera works?

A pinhole camera works by letting a small amount of light into atiny aperture. This allows the camera to be used in surveillancewhere it can be difficult to spot.

What is the difference between camera and pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera you make yourself control the shutter speed (usually a piece of cardboard) manually by pulling it up and down. The image is then burned onto film. The difference is that most regular cameras have a sensor so that your pictures would be over or under exposed. Also with a pinhole came ( Full Answer )

What things affect the image of a pinhole camera?

An image made with a pinhole camera can first of all be affected by how much light the paper is exposed to. The longer you keep the hole of the camera uncovered, the more the light will reach the paper, thus affecting how much of an image will be created. If you expose the paper too briefly, the pap ( Full Answer )

What are the uses of pinhole camera?

it has a fixed small aperature, so everything will be in focus therefore it will be used in security cameras or endoscopes.

Where was pinhole camera discovered?

It was discovered independently several times in history; probably credit should go to Abū 'Alī al-Ḥasan ibn al-Ḥasan ibn al-Haytham who not only discovered the affect but wrote a book on optics to describe it. He discovered the affect in Cairo, Egypt.

What does the shutter on a pinhole camera do?

Like any other camera, the 'shutter' opens and closes to allow light to enter into the camera to be exposed on the film plane. . A pinhole camera is a very primitive camera that does not have a lens. To put it simply, a 'pinhole camera' is a light-proof box with a small hole punctured in one side. ( Full Answer )

What year was the pinhole camera invented?

In the 10th century AD, Arabian scientist Ibn al-Haytham wroteabout pinhole cameras. Over the years, the design and idea has beenimproved upon.

Why would a photographer use a pinhole camera?

probably to take a picture of something very bright, like the sun. In reality, the pinhole camera is not the ideal instrument for taking photographs of the sun. It is used instead to create certain specific effects in the photograph. Light passing through the pinhole is not brought to a sharp focus ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between pinhole camera and camera?

Pinhole was a slang term for A. a primitive type of camera with a very small aperture, giving maximum depth- but requiring much light, and B. this still in use- the smallest , and thus the deepest in depth of field aperture of any given camera or lens. My most modern Nikon F-80 has a preselected F/3 ( Full Answer )

Who made the the first pinhole camera?

Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haytham), a great authority on optics in the MiddleAges who lived around 1000AD, invented the first pinhole camera,(also called the Camera Obscura } and was able to explain why the images wereupside down. The first casual reference to the optic laws that madepinhole cameras possibl ( Full Answer )

How can the image in a pinhole camera be made bigger?

a pinhole camera has a very small aperture for the light to pass through. Thus the sharp focus distance is very great too. You will get a bigger image if you move your paper or whatever the image lands on, further away from the pinhole.it may not be as bright, though

What are the disadvantages of a pinhole camera?

1-Extremely long exposure times, typically ranging from 5 sec. to several hours. 2-Aperture is very small. 3-photos taken from pinhole camera are not sharp. 4-shutter was manually operated.

Are pinhole cameras legal to use?

Not only are pinhole cameras entirely legal to use, they can be fun to build and use. Making and using a pinhole camera uses all of the really important principles of photography. Any serious student of photography should do just that. Apart from the satisfaction of having a picture that you can s ( Full Answer )

Why pinhole camera has infinite depth of field?

A major advantage of a pinhole over a simple (or not so simple) lens is "infinite depth of field." To see this for yourself poke a pinhole into a thin sheet of opaque material and hold the pinhole close to your eye (if you wear glasses, take them off). Hold one of your fingers a few inches in front ( Full Answer )

Why is the image upside in a pinhole camera?

When the light rays from a light source enters the hole of pin hole camera it goes in a straight line so when it enters the top becomes bottom and bottom becomes top. So the image is inverted

Why pinhole camera is used?

The pinhole camera is an early form of the camera. People use it nowadays just to see what is was like, and it can make a cool effect on your photo, but you have to do it right or it will be under/over exposed.

Is a stereoscope related to a pinhole camera?

no stereoscope are the glasses we use while watching 3-d movies and pinhole camera shows the image of anything on the other side which is inverted and enlarged

What is the superiority of pinhole camera?

The pinhole camera is simple and requires no complex lens-based optical systems to work effectively as an image maker. In its simplest form it is no more than a light-tight box with a pinhole on one end and a place for a sheet of light sensitive material on the other.

How does a Pringle Pinhole Camera work?

imagine you're in a room with all the windows blacked out, you cut a small hole in the black out material allowing a small amount of light in, looking at the wall the light is projected on, you will see an upside down image of what is happening outside, this is how the pringle camera works, i did th ( Full Answer )

Why is a pinhole cameras image sharp and dim?

It depends on the size of the hole in the pinhole camera. If the hole is small, less ray light will flow through the gap. Therefore the image will naturally be dimmer. Not only that but it is sharper as the hole is smaller, as well. R :)

How are pinhole cameras and eyes the same?

because in both the cases the light is travels through the lenses and they both have lenses they both display a picture upside down but the brain iterprets this as wrong so it flips it the right way round. that's why both are same.

How do you estimate exposure in a pinhole camera?

Not a Lot to go on... Assuming you're using photo paper as a negative, I'd rate it with an ISO of about 1.5 or so. If you're using an oatmeal tube or somesuch with a diameter of ~10cm, and have a pinhole of about .5mm, you'd have an f-stop equivalent of around f 256,or320 if I remember my equations ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase a Wireless Pinhole Camera?

Wireless pinhole cameras bring new technology to a longstanding niche in the camera industry. They can be purchased through mass merchandising and auction sites, such as eBay and Amazon. Shops that specialize in tech gadgetry or 'spy' goods, such as SpyTechs and LightInTheBox also sell them.

Is the image formed in a pinhole camera in color?

Yes. If you use your eye to see the picture, you will see color. If you use photogrphic paper to record the image, whether or not you see color is determined by the nature of the film -black/white or color. There is nothing in the physics of the camera that prevents you from seeing color.

Why are objects upside down in a pinhole camera?

It is easy to understand once the light comes on. Say that you arestanding in front of the camera and it is your image in the camera.Imagine light traveling in straight lines. A bit of light from thetop of your head will travel DOWN toward the pinhole, it willcontinue in a straight line toward the b ( Full Answer )