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A quarter got its name because it's worth one quarter, or one fourth, of a dollar. That is, a dollar is worth as much as four quarters. Being that the quarter is worth less, it's smaller.

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Q: Why is a quarter smaller than a silver dollar?
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What is smaller than a penny a nickel a dime a quarter or a half dollar?

A grain of sand is smaller than those things.

Is 3 quarters bigger or smaller?

Three quarters is one quarter less than "1" AND three quarters adds up to 75 cents which is 25 cents less than one dollar. So three quarters is both smaller than "1" and smaller than a dollar!

Is a quarter moon larger or smaller then a gibbous moon?

A quarter moon is smaller than a gibbous moon.

What temp will an old silver quarter dollar melt?

Coin silver (90% silver & 10% copper) tends to melt at a slightly lower temperature than pure silver, about 1615 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to 1761 for pure silver.

Why is 1957 silver dollar more valuable than 1928 silver dollar?

There's no such thing as a U.S. silver dollar coin from 1957.

Is one quarter smaller than two sixth?


What fraction is smaller than a third but bigger than a quarter?

a third

How long is a three quarter sized acoustic guitar?

its smaller than a 1 and bigger than a two quarter

Why is a dollar smarter than a quarter?

cuz it has more "CENTS"

Is one sixth smaller than one quarter?


Is a quarter bige than a third?

A quarter is four parts of a whole, while a third is three parts of a whole. Therefore, a quarter is smaller than a third.

What is a Half-Dollar?

a half dollar is a us coin that is half a dollar so 50 cents it is bigger than a quarter

Which of the US coins have circumferences greater than 68 millimeter?

The quarter dollar, the half dollar and all dollar coins.

what is a half dollar?

a half dollar is a us coin that is half a dollar so 50 cents it is bigger than a quarter

Why is one quarter less than three eighths?

One quarter equals two eighths. That is why it is smaller.

Why is a 2009 silver dollar worth more than a 2008 silver dollar?

because it is a newer and probably better version

Why does a dollar bill have more mass than a quarter?

It doesn't. A dollar bill has a mass of 1 gram. A modern US quarter has a mass of 5.67 grams.

How big is a baby painted turtle?

A little smaller than a quarter

How big are green anole eggs?

Much smaller than a quarter

Is a 1966 American quarter worth more than 25 cents?

No it's not. The coin has no silver, 1964 was the last year for a US silver quarter.

How much silver in a 1921 dollar?

There is .77344 of a Troy ounce (a little than 24 grams) of pure silver in a 1921 U.S. silver dollar.

Is a 1901 silver dollar larger than a1797 silver dollar?

No. The 1797 coin would be 1 to 2 millimeters larger.

What fraction is greater than one quarter and smaller than one third?


Value of 1957 US silver dollar paper?

It's called a silver certificate rather than a paper silver dollar. Please see the Related Question.

How much is a 1977 silver dollar worth?

One dollar. Unless it is older than 1900 you won't get more than twenty dollars for a silver dollar. For example a 1972 silver dollar is worth $3-10 circulated. Unless it isn't circulated it is most likely worth $1.