Why is a rose a symbol of love?

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I don't think a rose is a symbol of love. I think it's a symbol of togetherness and passion. Deep passion. History and Meaning of Red Roses

Primary Significance: Love and Romance

The Red Rose not only carries more meaning than many other color roses, it is also one of the most universal of all symbols. The long, storied history of the red rose has lent it a wealth of significance. Red roses have been represented in countless works of art, from classical paintings and poetry to modern day music and media. They have appeared throughout history and across many cultures as political and religious symbols. The mystique of the red rose has been a source of immeasurable inspiration for many throughout the ages. However, it is as the symbol for love that the red rose is most commonly recognized.

The Rose - Symbol of Passion, LOVE and ROMANCE

Roses are ancient symbols of love and beauty and have long been associated with romance. Indeed, the poet Robert Burns once wrote "my love is like a red, red Rose, that's newly sprung in June". Throughout the centuries, these blooms have been revered for their beauty.

The ancient Greek and Roman goddesses of love, Aphrodite and Venus, were associated with the Rose.

Rose has been a symbol for love since ancient days. There is an interesting story about the creation of rose in Greek mythology: Chloris, the Goddess of flowers created rose by giving life to lifeless body of a nymph; Aphrodite, the Goddess of love gave her beauty and Dionysus, the God of wine presented her nectar to give her sweet scent; the three Graces gave her charm, brightness and joy. This is the reason for its popularity among lovers.

Of all roses red rose is the ultimate symbol of love filled with romance and passion that signifies "I love you" and lilac rose signifies love at first sight. According to some traditions one red rose stands for "an only love", eleven roses stand for "a favorite", ninety nine roses mean " forever love" and hundred roses mean " marry me".

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Q: Why is a rose a symbol of love?
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