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As a living organism a spider must be classified as plant or animal.

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Q: Why is a spider classified as an animal?
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What is a spider classified as?

A spider is classified as an arachnid. :D

Is this true to be classified as a animal you have to have a backbone?

No. Things like an octopus, spider, ant, sea cucumber, etc are animals and they do not have a backbone.

Why is a panda classified as an animal?

Why is panda classified as an animal ?

A green spider is classified as an animal even though its green like plants why is a spider classified as an animal?

Not all green things are plants. for example i am wearing a green t-shirt right now and i am quite sure its not a plant. a spider is an animal because it has babies and is properly alive like it runs around and eats and drinks and kills and breathes and most importantly moves! Ever seen a spider be stuck in the ground or being watered? or a plant waalking or drinking from a glass? P.S written by maddy the pig. i can now reveal maddy the pig is the junior school kid!

What kind of animal was charlottes in Charlottes Web?

Charlottes animal was a spider :)

What is a spider an animal or an insect?

A spider is an arachnid. It is not an insect.

What animal protects a spider monkey?

to be honest its the spider who does

Classified as the world's fastest land animal?

The cheetah is classified as the world's fastest land animal.

How are animal-like protists classified?

They are classified by how they move.

What group of living things is spider classified as?


Is a dog a mammal or an animal?

Both. A dog is classified in the animalia kingdom (is an animal) in the mammalia kingdom (is a mammal). It is classified as a domesticated animal.

How are you classified animal vertebrate?

An animal with a spine

Are spider pigs cold blooded?

There is no such animal as a "spider pig".

What kind of animals a spider-like animal?

the spider crab

Why are yeast not classified in the plant and animal kingdom?

they are not classified in the animal or plant kingdom because yeast are not multicellular

When is an animal classified endangered?

An animal species is classified as endangered when its kind becomes harder to find in the wild.

Is an eel an animal?

Yes, an eel is classified as an animal.

Are insect is animal?

Yes, they are classified in the animal kingdom.

Are there spiders that have wings and fly?

if it had wings it would not be classified as a spider

What animals eat spider crabs?

what animal eats spider crabs

What has hair but is not an animal?


Is a spider an animal?


Which animal is classified?


Where do you find the spider in animal jam coral canyon?

the spider is next to the room

Which animal has the largest population a beetle a sparrow a spider or a maple tree?