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* operator-based measures, relating to ridership and economic factors; * vehicle-based measures, such as roadway capacity and traffic signal delay; and * passenger-based measures, also referred to as "quality of service," that relate to the comfort and convenience and the availability of transit service.

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Q: Why is a transit level called a transit level?
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MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority)

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The local transit version is called BART for Bay Area Rapid Transit.

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The loops on the floor of a transit van are called loop anchors. The loops are used to safely secure wheelchairs in the van.Ê

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Edmond Churchill has written: 'Level and transit' -- subject(s): Handbooks, manuals, Levels (Surveying instruments), Surveying, Transit, Surveyors'

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What is a DIY method to calibrate a tripod mounted transit level or check it for accuracy?

To check for accuracy, set up water level, then shoot the ends.

What is the difference between transit and corridor?

Transit is the passage from one place to another. specifically if a road goes through multiple country and establish connection between them is called a transit. On the other hand, if a passage goes through a second nation and thereby establish a bypass connection then this transit is called a Corridor. For example, suppose a road connects Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, its a transit. If a road connects India, Bangladesh and India, then its Corridor.

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Thermal energy in transit is known as heat. The term "heat" was first used by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in 1871.

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Its called the "Metrolink Rapid Transit Tram System"

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In Chicago, the public transit trains are called "the el" whether the trains are elevated, underground, or on the ground.

When was Grossmont Transit Center - MTS Transit Center - created?

Grossmont Transit Center - MTS Transit Center - was created in 1989.

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Remittance in transit refers to a cross-border money transfer that is still in progress within the banking channel. The remitter's funds are snaking its way across to the beneficiary, and whilst it is in progress, the remittance (money transfer) is called or cited as remittance in transit.