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its mostly called a pup or a cub not a wolf it has to be at least two to leave its pack so that is how it becomes a wolf .

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What is a wolf puppy called?

A baby wolf is called either a wolf cub or a wolf pup

What is a baby wolf called?

A baby wolf is either called a wolf cub or a wolf pup

What is the wolf baby called?

Baby wolves are called both wolf cubs and wolf pups

What is a lone wolf called?

A wolf that is alone is simply called a "Lone Wolf"

Which queen of England was called she-wolf?

Queen Mary was called she-wolf

How long is a wolf pup?

its not called a wolf puppy its called a wolf pup.

What is the lowest wolf in the pack called?

The lowest ranking wolf is called the omega wolf.

What is a Latin male wolf called?

A male wolf in Latin is called a lupus. A female wolf in Latin is called a lupa (also known as a she-wolf).

What is a boy wolf called?

a male wolf is called a dog!!!!

What is female of wolf called?

A female wolf is called a bitch.

What are the puppies called if born from a wolf?

Wolf offspring are either called pups or cubs

What is a young wolf called?

A young wolf is called a pup or a whelp.the name of a young wolf is called an pup

Could the female wolf with the alpha wolf be called Luna?

No. A female alpha wolf is called a Drappa. The male alpha is called the Dragga.

Why is the Mexican wolf called the Mexican wolf?

Beacause its from Mexico and its a wolf......

What is a wolf group called?

A wolf pack.

What is a really big wolf called?

A wolf.

What is a wolf with wings called?

a flying wolf

What is a child wolf called?

It is a wolf cub.

What is a wolf called when its a child?

A baby wolf can be called either a pup or a whelp.

What are mother wolves called?

i belive its called a she-wolf but I'm not 100% sure, a friend told me

What are all the books in the Wolves of the Beyond series?

The first book is called "Lone Wolf" the second book is called "Shadow Wolf", the third book is called "Watch Wolf", the fourth book is called "frost wolf".

What was the first wolf?

Wolves are believed to have evolved from animals called Miacids. The first type of wolf was called a Dawn-Wolf.

What is a pregnant wolf or wolf with pups called?

A pregnant wolf is called a pregnant wolf! and not just in this case , all animals are called in the same way. For example , a pregnant elephant, dog, cat,etc.

What is a wolf called when it lives alone?

Lone wolf

What is the cry of a wolf called?

The cry of an Wolf is 'HOWL'.

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