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Why is a women's basketball a different size than a man's basketball and does it really make a difference in the actual game?

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September 21, 2009 12:56AM

Basketball Hands

No, it doesn't make a difference. Think! Girls have smaller hands than guys. The bigger the ball is the harder it is to control and the smaller it is. Guys use bigger balls because their hands are bigger. Simple as that.

Basketball Hands

The difference in hands doesn't determine the size of a mens ball from that of a womans. it has to do with the strength. The guys ball is heavier because there is more air. That is because guys typically have more muscle in their upper body. Some girls have big hands and can handle a guys ball easily but its a lot harder for them to shoot it because its heavier. So they size of the hands doesn't make a difference, it is fully the weight and muscle.

So basically it is a different size because of the strength in women and in men. And it does make a difference. If a guys team was playing with a girls ball they would completely air-ball it over the basket. If they girls were playing with a guys ball their shot probably wouldn't even make it to the basket. I know from experience.! :D

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