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A zebroid is actually any hybrid of a zebra. Usually, the sire is a zebra, and the dam can be any type of equine.

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A zebroid is a zebrine (zebra-like) humanoid creature. A zebroid is the offspring of a horse and a zebra. it's infertile. It is a cross between a zebra and any other type of horse.

The hybrid offspring of a zebra and a horse

Any zebra hybrid is called a 'zebroid', but a horse and a zebra specifically make what is called a 'zorse'.

A Zebroid is an animal that is half Zebra and half Equine (Horse, Donkey etc.) In the case of a Zedonk, it is half Zebra and Half Donkey. The male is the Zebra and the female is the donkey.

A zebroid is a generic term for a zebra crossed with any other equine

The bone structure in a zebra is not much more different from a horse. This structure is just smaller in general.

The parts of a zebra is no different from that of a horse or any other equine.

there are not diffrent breeds of zebra zebra are smaller and have shorter legs back and neck xx

A zibroid isn't anything.Username: Zibroid8 [sic] is a psycho - appearing to be one person but is actually quite contrary in true character.A zebroid is a hybrid creature - usually a zebra and a horse.

In the wild, horses and zebras do not reproduce with each other. However, people have been cross breeding these two branches of the equine family since the 19th century. Any zebra hybrid is refered to as a zebroid, whether it be with a horse or any other member of the equine family. More specifically, the offspring of a male zebra and female horse is called a zorse, and the offspring of a male horse and female zebra is called horbra. A male zebra crossed with a female pony (a horse measuring less than 14.2 hands high at the withers) is a zony.

A zebra is an equid but it is NOT a horse.

I am not sure, i am guessing that it is just a horse with stripes, or something, never really thought about it. A zebra is a type if horse though, just a different branch...

Yes , Zebra is a type of horse

The zebra-horse is called a zorse, the result of a horse-zebra cross. So a zorse and a horse would be somewhat like cousins.

Yes, donkeys and zebras can mate, the offspring will be called a Zebroid.

A zebra is defined as a horse, but the horse that you are referring to is a domesticated horse, a zebra is not domesticated. Also, obviously one has stripes.

They are different species and have different characteristics like color and live in different areas.

they would have t be very cloos tomate with a different type of horse

Well, they are two different breeds, just like a pony is different from a horse, but they are both a part of the equine species, so a zebra is like a horse, but not exactly the same. Also in the equine species is draft horses, donkeys, and mules.

The mix between a zebra and a horse is called a zorse.

a wild horse is faster than a zebra

whats related to them is zebra and the horse. the zebra and the horse.

A Horse is a type of zebra with out the stripes it has the same family belonging to a zebra

A mix breed of a zebra and a horse is called a zorse. It's like a horse with a zebra stripes where the back legs r.

Yes, and that process is called hybridization. The animals are just required to be fairly close genetic relatives For instance, a lion and a tiger can mate to make a liger or a a tion. A zebra and a horse can be mated to produce a zebroid, and there are many more. that is not funny, no they can not mate, unlike human they are very picky

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