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Antibiotics have various residence times with the human body. Some are designed be highly soluble and pass through quickly whilst others have a longer residence time. This is related to the chemical structure of the anti biotic. The risk of addition to of anti biotics to two fold. Firstly continual unnecessary addition of antibiotics only serves to increase the chance of mutation for anti biotic resistant bacteria which can only serve to increase chance of a strain which effects humans and is difficult to treat with current antibiotics. Secondly as shown The New England Journal of Medicine (10/18/01) residence of these chemicals within the meat (which is then consumed) and other chemicals with unknown synergistic effects. This may (unproven) have the potential to accumulate in human muscle with unknown effects.

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Environmental risks of adding antibiotics to cattle feed?

Certain Death

When did US start adding fluoride to drinking water?

In 1969 when antibiotics were getting popular.

Why is agar cooled to approximately 45oC before preparing pour plates?

If you're adding antibiotics (especially ampicillin) you have to let the agar cool so that it doesn't destroy the antibiotics. If you're adding bacteria to the agar to make pour plates then you have to let it cool down so that the bacteria don't die.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of adding emulsifiers in food?

Natural emulsifiers like soy, milk, and eggs can be dangerous to those allergic to them by triggering a potentially deadly allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. Mono-diglycerides (hydrogenated oils) are a synthetic emulsifier also used in food. They contain trans fats which increase cholesterol levels and the risk of stroke and heart attack, and clog arteries.

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If food poisoning is caused by bacteria in food why is the patient not treated with antibiotics?

Depending upon the type of bacteria, the severity of the symptoms and the patient's susceptibility, antibiotics might indeed be used. See Related Links. But that is generally the exception and not the rule. Most healthy people can fight off a bout of food poisoning successfully if hydration is maintained. Adding antibiotics to the mix - especially if the causative organism is unknown - could make things worse by killing off the body's beneficial flora. Another reason for not using antibiotics could be that the illness is an intoxication rather than an infection. Antibiotics won't inactivate toxins left behind by bacteria.

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There are times when we have no choice, when the infection would be worse then the cure. When it comes to meds you should always consult your doctor when adding new ones. You must after all have gotten the prescription from a doctor.

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