Why is alchohol bad for your heart?

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Is alchohol bad?

If you mean drinking it, yes. It can lead to liver damage, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

What is the theme in October sky?

alchohol isn't always bad.

Is it bad to drink alchohol?

It is not bad to drink alcohol in moderation unless it is prohibited by your religion or a physician has advised you not to do so,

How can alchohol damage your lungs?

Alcohol is very bad for your lungs as it can cause heart diseases, and you will find it very hard to breathe. It will forbid you to breathe, and your lungs will soon turn black, so then, you will die.

Why is a bad diet bad for your heart?

A bad diet is bad for your heart because to much fat can cause a heart attack.

What makes vanilla extract taste bad when it's by its self?

It's most likely the high alchohol content that gives you the idea of it tasting bad.

What is an alchohol lamp?

it can mesuer how much alchohol is in you bloud

Is rubbing alchohol a mixture?

Rubbing alchohol is a mixture.

What is an Alchohol burner and how is it used?

An Alchol burner is a burner that uses alchol. A alchohol burner is a burner that burns alchohol.

Why can't kids drink alchohol?

Kids cant drink alchohol because it it IMPOSSIBLE for kids to drink alchohol.

Is alchohol bad for you?

Only if you abuse it. If you consume it in moderation it is associated with better health and greater longevity than abstaining from it.

Is isoproplyl alchohol a pure substance?

Isoproplyl alchohol is a pure substance.

Is being obese bad on you heart?

very bad it can give your heart cancer

Is melatonin bad for your heart?

Melatonin is a natural chemical created in your body, so no it is NOT bad for your heart. Melatonin vitamins can be bad for your body but your heart is safe.

What is the use of the alchohol lamp?

in the laboratory alchohol lamp is used for heatina and experimenting

What percent of the population drink alchohol?

About 49 percent of the population drink alchohol

Is alchohol denser than rubbing alchohol?

Pure ethanol is less dense.

Why do they say salt is bad for a person who has had a heart attack?

Salt is bad for you colostrol. Messes with your heart

When was Amos Bad Heart Bull born?

Amos Bad Heart Bull was born in 1868.

When did Amos Bad Heart Bull die?

Amos Bad Heart Bull died in 1913.

Is it bad if your heart is beating too fast?

Is it bad if your heart is beating fast when I am laying in bed

Why do you not get intoxicated when eating baked goods?

I personally think that you do not get intoxicated because there is no alchohol in most baked goods. And if there is alchohol, you would not get drunk because there is such a small amunt of alchohol in it.

What is proof in alcohol?

The proof is double the alchohol content. 80 proof means 40% alchohol.

What are the bad things about science?

we discovered drugs and alchohol and continue to get too smart for our own good oh and dont forget greehouse gases

What food is bad for the heart?

Foods high in cholesterol, trans fats, and saturated fats, are bad for the heart and can cause chronic heart disease.