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Because in ancient times they thought the octopus was a monster called krakken.

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Why the octopus called devilfish?

The octopus is called devilfish because it wraps its prey (food) in its many legs and to escape predators (or enemies) it squirts out black ink, though the octopus is not really a devilfish.

Is a devil fish a kind of octopus?

an octopus is not a devilfish

What are facts about devilfish?

They are very similar to the octopus.

What does a devilfish octopus eat?

A devilfish octopus eats crabs and other things.

How big are devilfish octopus?

Octopus is commonly known as the devil fish. There is no species of that name "Devilfish Octopus". But octopuses have a large variety in sizes as well in species. here is a website with a list of species and their sizes.

How many arms does a devilfish have?

It's not an octopus it's called a FISH!

Are devilfish really fish?

Yes, they are just like octopus with long arms.

What is a giant devilfish?

The huge manta ray is often called devilfish.

What was the big fish called that was in the book Island of the Blue Dolphins?

It was called the devilfish. Karana stated it was a big fish, sort of like an octopus or squid, and that she had wanted to kill it for its sweet flesh.

What are some animals that live in the ocean starting with d?

Dolphin, darters, devilfish (octopus), dogfish (small sharks), etc.

What nicknames does David Devilfish Ulliott go by?

David Devilfish Ulliott goes by The Devilfish.

What is a octopus male called?

what is a male octopus called

What is a female octopus called?

There is no specific word for a female octopus. A female octopus is called a hen.

What color are devilfish?

Devilfish are usually red or a creamy white(or a mixture of both)!

How do you use devilfish in a sentence?

All we've got for dinner is devilfish stew.

What eats a devilfish?

Devilfish are often eaten by larger fish including sharks. Devilfish are related to the manta ray and stingray that are found in warm waters.

What is octopus called in Hindi?

Octopus in Hindi is called 'oshtopodi' in Hindi.

What is baby octopus called?

What is baby octopus called? A fry or a hatchling.THEY are at first called larva then a hatchling

What is a famle octopus called?

a female octopus is called a hen, strange i know but true

What is octopus called in marathi?

wht is octopus called in marathi pls tell me anyone?

What is the name for a baby octopus?

Baby octopus or octopi do not have a special name. They are just called baby octopus or octopus hatchlings.

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