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Oil pressure gauges are notoriously inacurate. Pressure should be high when the engine is cold, or the accelerator is pressed hard. It's also possible the sensor is damaged.

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Q: Why is an oil pressure gauge spiking then back down to normal on a 3800 engine?
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What is the difference between normal pressure gauge and differential pressure gauge?

A pressure gauge indicates actual pressure and a differential pressure gauge indicates the difference in pressure.

What is the role of the boost gauge in an internal combustion engine?

A boost gauge in an internal combustion engine has the role of a pressure gauge. The gauge indicates the manifold's air pressure or a turbocharger or supercharger's boost pressure.

What does the check gauges light mean on your 97 ford ranger?

It means at least one of the gauges is out of its normal range. The "check gauge light" is notifing you to take notice with either the engine temp gauge, the battery gauge or the engine oil pressure gauge.

What is the normal gauge pressure for a 30' round above ground pool?


What does it mean if your oil pressure gauge is high?

If your oil pressure gauge is high you have to much oil in your engine. Overfilling your engine can result in you blowing out your gaskets.

Oil pressure gauge reads zero after starting the engine then in a couple of minutes goes up a little then jumps to normal and stays there?

Oil pressure has to built up. As long as the pressure is normal and the oil level is good. There is no problem.

Have a 97 jeep GC 5.2 When started oil pressure is normal then drops to zero?

Check with another gauge. If still 0 when warm, the engine is worn out.Check with another gauge. If still 0 when warm, the engine is worn out.

When stop engine oil pressure comes on in Cadillac Seville 1978?

If you problem is that the gauge shows oil pressure with the engine off, you have a gauge or sending unit failure.

Why is the oil gauge in your 1991 Pontiac le sunbird always at its peek?

Check with manual gauge - if pressure normal - could be defevtive oil pressure sensor or gauge

Is the oil pressure gauge on a 1991 Mercedes 190E supposed to be pegged at 3 instead of in the middle of the gauge at 1.5?

i have a 1993 190E - my oil pressure gauge always sits on 3. ==New Answer Haedline == The oil pressure gauge actually moves but is related to several factors Engine Temprature Oil viscosity Engine speed. When you start you car the engine temperature is low the gauge goes to 3, after a long drive/travel and if your temp gets to 80C then with an engine speed of 750-800 RPM you oil pressure gauge will read about 1.5. if you rev. the engine the pressure gauge goes up to 3

Low oil but your oil pressure gauge indicates normal pressure?

Oil level and oil pressure are different. You don't need to have full oil to get normal pressure.

Why does the oil pressure gauge rise on accelerating then fall to normal after changing gear?

As the engine speed increase so does the speed of the oil pump. the faster the pump turns the higher the pressure becomes. When changing gear the engine speed drops along with the oil pressure.

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