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Why is ballet fun?

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because you enjoy it and it is fun. also fun becuase there are lots of steps that look like they defy"gravity"

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Why people do Ballet dance?

Ballet is a lot of serious work {ecspecially if you have a strict teacher} but ballet is also a lot of fun too.

How is ballet today?

Ballet is so pretty i would know i do jazz hiphop and tap and ballet!! its fun and i can teach anyone skill and grace!!

Why would a guy do ballet?

A male may do ballet if he is interested in learning a beautiful art. If a gut does ballet or dance it does not mean he is gay. Dance and ballet can be alot of fun, even to a male.

Is tap dancing easier than ballet?

Well that is an opinion. I definetly know its more fun1 But ballet has those twists and turns and jumps and squats. Meanwhile tap-dancing is click-clack and fun, fun, FUN!

Why was ballet created and why was dance created?

Because it's fun

Does Tony Romo take ballet?

Yes Almost all the football players take ballet to fun balance and steadiness

Do you have to know ballet in order to dance jazz?

no. They are two different types of dances! Ballet is the foundation of all dance. In my opinion, ballet is harder to learn because it is technical and jazz is fun and upbeat! :)

How do you eat fun?

How to eat fun is impossible but you can have fun by being active and playing sports like softball, Basketball, soccer, football, and even ballet. That is how to eat fun E out

Is there really a ballet academy of warrenton?

yes there is and it is the best ballet academy there is because the teachers are so nice and they help you learn quick easy and they make it fun

Why do people like ballet?

Because people like it. it is a fun way to express yourself!

Why are the positions in ballet fun?

This is more of a personal preference question, not a right or wrong. Personally, I wouldn't say they are "fun" but more necessary. Dancers need to know the basic ballet positions to be able to stretch those into harder steps and such. So again, fun is something determined by the dancer themselves.

What are the significance of ballet?

There are lots of significances of ballet, it's fun, makes you feel graceful, it's also like acting, but instead of words, you get to tell a story through dance.

What are the benefits of ballet?

In ballet, you can express yourself, have fun, and you can make other people have fun. Not to mention the fitness benefits! :) I believe excellent balance is the major benefit sought after by pro-athletes. Roger Federer, world's #1 tennis player took ballet for years. Ballet is good for the mind as well as the body. It is good for mental stimulation because it involves memorisation of several steps and terms. Also, it may have a calming effect.

Is dancing fun?

dancing is really fun. if you go to a good dance studio you can learn moves and many types of dance such as lyrical, jazz, tap or ballet.

Is a 13 year old girl who's weight is 114 pounds and is 5'4 of height fat to dance ballet?

No, of course not!! Ballet was made for everyone, no matter what their weight or height. If you have a passion, go for it-because that's all that matters. Ballet is fun and also good exercise. You learn so many things when you do any kind of dance. Try it out and just have FUN!:)

What are the top 50 ballet companies in the US?

American Ballet Theatre New York City Ballet Pacific Northwest Ballet Boston Ballet Joffrey Ballet Chicago Pittsburg Ballet Theatre Ballet West Atlanta Ballet Carolina Ballet Ballet Met Cincinnati Ballet Houston Ballet San Francisco Ballet Miami City Ballet Pennsylvania Ballet Tulsa Ballet Los Angelos Ballet Grand Rapids Ballet American Repertory Ballet Milwaukee Ballet Colorado Ballet Washington Ballet Texas Ballet Theatre North Carolina Dance Theatre

What are the good things of ballet dance?

Type your answer here... The best or good things about dancing Ballet is that you can learn to have a good posture. And you will learn to be more flexible. And that you will learn to be graceful. Ballet is the root of all dances since it is considered the only dance with all the terms. And one thing that is also great about Ballet is that it is a good and fun exercise. And once you've started ballet, it is unusual not to like it.

Why do some people like ballet?

Some people like ballet, because its elegant, beautiful, to keep fit, etc. Some like ballet because they love the feeling of just letting go and not thinking of anything else while dancing. They find it fun and energetic.

What is the purpose of ballet?

The purpose of ballet is to showcase the art of dance, while remaining light, graceful, strong and being technically advanced. The more modern purposes of ballet are to exercise and ballet is very enjoyable so many people do it for fun. Many people think that ballet is simply dancing around in silly tutus and swaying your arms, but it is actually a beautiful display of strength and agility, as well as grace.

What dance lessons should you take?

I think jazz is the most fun. But if your looking to loose weight take ballet

What are the various styles of ballet?

* Ballet d'action * Classical ballet * Contemporary ballet * Neoclassical ballet * Pre-romantic ballet * Romantic ballet And there are three ballet techniques: * French ballet * Russian Vaganova method * Italian Cecchetti method

What are 4 ballet groups?

American Ballet Theatre, the Pennsylvania Ballet, The Kirov Ballet and the Bolshoi Ballet

What is the difference between jazz dancing and ballet dancing?

The difference can be the way you dance. Usually ballet is about the technique more than anything else. Jazz is about the flow of movement to movement and how it all looks together. There are also diffrent because of there shoes. In ballet there are ballet shoes and ballet point shoes. In jazz there are jazz shoes. Ballet and Jazz both are great fun. I am in both. They both have the same diciplene which for any dancing of dance team has a lot of diciplene. Hope this helps you!

Is ballet sommthing fun?

Yes, ballet is fun. However, it takes A LOT of self discipline and control. If you are trying to start at an older age it is possible but very hard to do. If you would like to pick up dance as a light hobbie I would suggest something easier like Tap or Jazz. However if you are very detirmined and truly focus yourself in on it Ballet can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable activities that there is.

Can someone take jazz dance classes without taking ballet and still be good at it?

well , yeah ! I mean y not? some of my friends do jazz w/ no ballet classes and still do well at it . They mostly learn same as ballet but w/ a beat . Ballet is more slow than jazz , but ballet build up more strength than jazz much differently!! But both dances are really fun to do .. from dez zillmer